10 Ways To Improve Your Spirituality

Pray More An additional 15 minute prayer time in unorthodox places like the car, aside from the prescribed daily prayers goes a long way. Quiet Introspection A quiet time to one\'s self to meditate about God, his presence and your own situation helps. Hanging with the right sort The old cliché of show me your friends and I\'ll tell you who you are rings true. Spending time with people of higher spiritual level and / or straight forward people than one can help ginger one\'s spirituality. Being Content Dwelling more and being thankful for what one has as opposed to worrying and wishing for that which one doesn\'t have expresses contentment. Give more Even the odd compassionate N20 to the beggar at the traffic light is very charitable. Fast more The act of self depravation through fasting is a personal sacrifice that elevates one spiritually. It is said the prayers of fasting people shall not be rejected. Study Group Joining a study group encourages teaching and learning. These informal gatherings serve to remind as well as teach the basics of religion. Reading Quran Reading the Quran serves as a reminder of the Almighty. Show gratitude Thank the Lord for all His mercies, kindness, guidance, forgiveness etc every day and every time. Be good to those around you Whether to your family, wife, children, work, employers, colleagues or friends, you need to show some responsibility by fostering each relationship and ensuring you do the right thing towards each and every one of these people and all the others we you deal with

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