100 Pieces of Advice From The Qur'an

1. Do not mix the truth with falsehood (Q2:42)

2. Order righteousness to people only after practicing it yourself (Q2:44)

3. Do not commit abuse on the earth (Q2:60)

4. Do not prevent people from mosques (Q2:114)

5. Do not follow anyone blindly (Q2:170)

6. Do not break the promise (Q2:177)

7. Do not engage in bribery (Q2:188)

8.Fight only with those who fight you (Q2:190)

9.Keep the etiquettes of war (Q2:191)

10.Protect orphans (Q2:220)

11. Do not have sexual intercourse during menstrual period (Q2:222)

12.Breast feed your children for two complete years (Q2:233)

13.Choose rulers by their merit (Q2:247)

14. No compulsion in religion (Q2:256)

15. Do not invalidate charity with reminders (Q2:264)

16.Help those in need by finding them (Q2:273)

17.Don’t consume interest (Q2:275)

18.Grant more time to repay if the debtor is in hard time (Q2:280)

19.Write down the debt (Q2:282)

20.Keep the trust (Q2:283)

21. Do not spy and backbite (Q2:283)

22.Believe in all prophets (Q2:285)

23. Do not burden a person beyond his scope (Q2:286)

24. Do not become divided (Q3:103)

25. Restrain Anger (Q3:134)

26. Do not be rude in speech (Q3:159)

27. Think deeply about the wonders and creation of this universe (Q3:191)

28. Men and Women have equal rewards for their deeds (Q3:195)

29.Wealth of the dead should be distributed among his family members (Q4:7)

30. Women also have the right for inheritance (Q4:7)

31. Do not devour the property of orphans (Q4:10)

32. Do not marry those in your blood relation (4:23)

33. Do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly (Q4:29)

34. Family should be lead by men (Q4:34)

35. Be good to others (Q4:36)

36. Do not be miserly (Q4:37)

37. Do not keep envy (Q4:54)

38. Judge with justice between people (Q4:58)

39. Do not kill each other (Q4:92)

40. Do not be an advocate for deceitful (Q4:105)

41. Standout firmly for justice (Q4:135)

42. Cooperate in righteousness (Q5:2)

43. Do not cooperate in sin and aggression (Q5:2)

44. Dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine are prohibited (5:3)

45. Be just (Q5:8)

46. Punish for crimes in an exemplary way (Q5:38)

47. Strive against sinful and unlawful (Q5:63)

48. Avoid intoxicants and alcohol (Q5:90)

49. Do not gamble (Q5:90)

50. Do not insult others’ deities (Q6:108)

51. ’Having majority’ is not a criterion of truth (Q6:116)

52.Don’t reduce weight or measure to cheat people (Q6:152)

53. Do not be arrogant (Q7:13)

54.Eat and Drink, But Be Not Excessive (Q7:31)

55. Wear good cloths during prayer times (Q7:31)

56. Forgive others for their mistakes (Q7:199)

57. Do not turn back in battle (Q8:15)

58.protect and help those who seek protection (Q9:6)

59. Keep Purity (Q9:108)

60. Never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy (Q12:87)

61. Allah will forgive to those who have done wrong out of ignorance (Q16:119)

62. Invitation to God should be with wisdom and good instruction (Q16:125)

63. No one will bear others’ sins (Q17:15)

64. Be dutiful to parents (Q17:23)

65. Do not say a word of disrespect to parents (Q17:23)

66. Do not spent money extravagantly (Q17:29)

67. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty (Q17:31)

68. Do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse (Q17:32)

69. Do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge (Q17:36)

70. Speak to people mildly (Q20:44)

71. Keep aloof from what is vain (Q23:3)

72. Do not enter others’ house without seeking permission (Q24:27)

73. Allah will provide security for those who believe only in Allah (Q24:55)

74. Do not enter parents’ private room without asking permission (Q24:58)

75. Walk on earth in humility (Q25:63)

76. Do not neglect your portion of this world (Q28:77)

77. Invoke not any other god along with Allah (Q28:88)

78. Do not engage in homosexuality (Q29:29)

79. Enjoin right, forbid wrong (Q31:17)

80. Do not walk in insolence through the earth (Q31:18)

81. Lower your voice (Q31:19)

82. Women should not display their finery (Q33:33)

83. Allah forgives all sins (Q39:53)

84. Do not be despair of the mercy of Allah (Q39:53)

85. Repel evil by good (Q41:34)

86. Decide on affairs by consultation (Q42:38)

87. Try for settlement between people (Q49:9)

88. Do not ridicule others (Q49:11)

89. Avoid suspicion (Q49:12)

90. Do not spy or backbite (Q9:12)

91. Most noble of you is the most righteous (Q49:13)

92. Honour guests (Q51:26)

93.Spent wealth in charity (Q57:7)

94. No Monasticism in religion (Q57:27)

95. Those who have knowledge will be given a higher degree by Allah (Q58:11)

96. Treat non-Muslims in a kind and fair manner (Q60:8)

97. Save yourself from covetousness (Q64:16)

98. Seek forgiveness of Allah. He is Forgiving and Merciful (Q73:20)

99. Do not repel one who asks (Q93:10)

100. Encourage feeding poor (Q107:3) Please Share. Surely, Allah (SWT) will grant you the reward for spreading righteousness. JazakAllah Khair.

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