11 Apps I Use As A Muslimah

Getting a good and effective apps to use as a journalist and as a Muslim can be very challenging and overwhelming. As a mobile app nerd I cannot count the number of times I have had to wipe off my phone in order to restart with some applications again. Several times a month, I’m doing what many Android users only do a handful of times: logging into a clean phone and downloading the critical apps I need to get things done (I have free Wi-Fi at work lol). I don’t have time to re-install those once-in-a-blue moon apps, so I only bother with the most important (and useful) apps, which I’ll now share with you. This is my list of the essential apps that every Muslim and a journalist should install.



The screen shot of some reciters on IQuranPro

The screen shot of some reciters on IQuranPro

Apart from reminding on Friday to read Suratul Qahf. Iquran pro is very good for hifz and quran recitation (plus Tajweed too). Provides verse by verse audio playback, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarks, search, excellent navigational controls, several translations and reciters and much more. I found the playback feature to be top notch. There are eight reciters to choose from, which is a fun bonus. This is one of my best app for reading and memorizing the Quran on mobile.




It is hard to choose between the two. So I would just add both instead. While Flipboard allows you flip through articles reformatted into a magazine style, with very readable text and large images, Google’s Newsstand app rolls up the magazine-like reading experience, along with easy access to your digital magazine subscriptions. You can also discover news stories by browsing the Read Now or Explore sections. Of course, it includes sharing features for when you find something really interesting. And I follow a lot of stuff on google news stand like “Off the shelf, Patheos, mashable etc.




Errm just like I did earlier, I love both Dropbox and Google drive. While google drive gave me 16 gig free, drop box gave me only 4gb free. However, If you ever need to take down some notes on the go, Drive and drop box ensures they’ll be waiting for you in the cloud later.

When i installed my drive, it came with Google docs which means i no longer needed the Polaris viewer anymore for typing my document on mobile. Thank You Google Drive.

Also, Automatically sync your photos, documents and videos across all devices — including your phone — when you save an item to your Dropbox and google drive account. They both make it easy to stay organized. Access your files from any web browser as well as your mobile device. This makes all of your important content more secure — if your phone or laptop breaks or gets lost, you still have everything backed up.




For those Tahajud and Qiyam moments, sleep bot has allowed me to be able to know what time is best for me to wake up, after a stressful day at work. Also if you’re curious about what goes on while you’re snoozing, SleepBot has all the answers. Leave your phone in bed with you, and SleepBot will track your movements and nocturnal noises using your Android’s microphone and accelerometer. But SleepBot is more than a mere tracker; it is designed to wake you up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle, promising better sleep and more wakeful mornings.




if you are a writer or a student who does a lot of research, Instead of wasting work time reading articles, save them for later with Pocket. No longer do you have to read all the article at once as pocket lets you save articles, images, and videos for later. I especially like how it reformats articles for more comfortable reading, and how it syncs between all my devices.




My friends already know how much I love good reads, I get a lot of book recommendations from there. Also with a community of more than 8 million readers, I draw a lot of inspiration and suggested readings from an enormous catalogue of suggested books. While I prefer to use goodreads on my laptop, I still use it once in a while on my android device.




To be honest, this is supposed to be my number one app, as I use it a lot. There is no day I don’t make use of Evernote to take notes during meetings, press conferences, events, create a shopping list, and stay productive. Evernote is my digital notepad, I have all my duas before entering the bus, before entering the mosque, before entering the market and every other important duas saved on my evernote. The app makes my notes searchable, allows me to capture photos and record voice reminders as well.



And if you want to learn another language, this is the app for you! Duolingo gamifies language learning with bite-sized lessons, and a friendly interface. The more you use the app, the more you unlock and—with practice—the more you learn. I am very sad though that duolingo only supports Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. I wish they would add Bahasa, Bengali, mandarin, Arabic and Hausa real soon. I am currently learning Spanish, you guys can find me on duolingo “zaynabtyty” (no pervs please)




Probably my biggest fear as a blogger and a traveler is being unable to communicate with other people. Google Translate takes a bit of the edge off, quickly translating either written text or spoken words. You can even use the app to do the speaking for you, and input text through your camera or handwriting. Unfortunately, you’ll need a data connection to perform the translation, but it’s the next best thing to actually learning another language.




I love vscocam because it doesn’t over edit photos like other photo editing apps. Am not much of a photographer, but vscocam has made me appreciate the “finer side” of photography.




I just started using quora after my co-worker suggested it to me. The concept of Quora is simple, you ask a question and you get so many awesome responses. The questions asked on Quora are very different from other Q&A sites. Instead, questions and answers offered on Quora are either incredibly informative or thought provoking – and sometimes even both!

Think of it like a Yahoo Answers forum, but with more of a focus on responses by professionals and experts in specific fields. There’s even a sort of gaming element involved, which lets you earn and spend Quora credits based on your activity. Also Users can easily hop from question to question and add their own answers and opinions to the questions of other users.



I’ve tried to include a little bit of everything with this list. It covers mostly on news gathering, reading articles and catching on what Is happening in the world today. I added a little bit of productivity and entertainment too (for travellers like me). Ideally, if you download these apps on your phone, you should be able to tackle just about anything in shaa Allah.

But these apps are just my opinion, feel free to send me your apps too via the comment box, twitter or instagram or send me an email. I would really love to read your responses.

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