Are you confused about what to wear to your next job interview? Are you trying to revamp your wardrobe into a more formal one? Many working Muslim women have found the perfect formal wear styling a bit challenging and tricky. Nonetheless, an elegant work wear has no special tricks and is as simple as styling a black Abaya.

 Here a 5 ways you can dress to work it at the office:

1.       Flame On, In A Cute Blazer.

Blazers are a classic must-have for formal fashion. Choose safe colours like white, black grey and nude or pastel shades such as olive and baby pink.

2.       Culottes And Wide Legged Pants

Culottes are iconic, chic and we love them more because they are very comfortable to wear.  Blazers and culottes are one beautiful mixture!

3.       Maxi skirts.

Maxis are an essential element of a modest wardrobe that can be dressed up for a crisp, stylish and formal effect. Patterned maxi skirts are more casual, hence stick with solid colours. Also, avoid neon colours as they aren’t very work friendly.

4.       Business abaya:

Kudos to the well-meaning designers who came up with this edgy piece. There really are, a thousand wears to wear an Abaya.

5.       Peplum tops and skirts!

Solid Peplum blouses will match nicely with neutral pants or straight maxi skirts.


We hope you get inspired by this awesome collection we have put together.




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