5 things you need for election day


The elections are finally here. The polity is heated and nerves are racking. People are stocking up on supplies like it’s the apocalypse.

The people in the spotlight are Goodluck and Buhari, and then the others, because fair play never hurt anyone. Nigerians of voting age head to the polling units tomorrow to decide their fate four the next four years.

Here are five must-haves for all eligible voters and stakeholders:

1.       Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC): This is the most effective weapon and this is also very importantly, the only weapon that will bring real impact. Stay armed (with your PVCs of course) at all times.

2.       Means of Communication: You want to be able to be in touch with information at every point in time to monitor the electoral process whether at the polling units or remotely from your house. A phone with internet access is probably the most efficient due to quick dissemination of information on the internet and especially social media.

3.       Alternative power sources: The truth is, NEPA PHCN... Oh, now DISCOs and GENCOs do screw up a lot of the time. You want to have your power-banks charged so they come in handy when your phones run low on battery. You also want to have your generators loaded with fuel for obvious reasons.

4.       The Revoda App: By popular demand, this app which is available in the Google Play store and Apple store helps you be an independent election monitor. The app was developed by the team at Co-Creation Hub. Interestingly, the app is completely free of crappy processes which makes it very easy to use.

5.       Your Common Sense: What’s most amazing is that everything you’ll be needing for this election is powered by your common sense.

You must remember that it is beyond the short term promises and the gifts which will probably end in the toilet one way or the other in at most one month.

You must be able to look past all the propaganda and see the truth.


Seize your future with your PVC like your future depends on it. No, because your future depends on it.

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