7 Reasons To Have A Big Wedding

Ramadan today has hit its 10th day. We know what follows after Ramadan till the end of the year in this part of the world we have taken has our abode: Lots of Owambe, many of which is usually marriage ceremonies.

When you want to get married, it’s important to have the day that you want after all it’s your dream day nothing forgetting the fact that you only have one life to live. There are lots of reasons to have a big wedding if that appeals to you. I’d prefer a small wedding myself, but others want a huge “do” with nothing less than a 200 guests, you know how our typical owambe parties are; Aso-ebi, bridal train, grooms men all appearing in style and class. But never for get that a big wedding would seem great at the end only if you have  celebrated if  it for the right reasons and you did was able to afford the expense.

Here, I have listed out 7 main reasons you should have before you decide that your wedding should be a big owambe meeting for your FnF (Family and Friends)…



One of the loveliest reasons to have a big wedding is that you can share your joy with everyone you care about. You can invite all the cousins and their partners, have everyone’s children there, and enjoy the company of lots of friends and relatives. Inviting all the people that really matter to you, and who will enjoy being part of your day, will create wonderful memories.


If you really want a big wedding then that’s a good reason for having one. Why not – it’s your day, after all! But only ever have a big wedding if that’s what you want. Don’t be pushed into having it by your parents or fiancé for the case of your fiancé, abeg,  you two should try and be on the same page as much as possible on this matter. However, it is common for other people to try to take over, so be sure that you get the wedding that you want.


It’s never worth getting into debt for a wedding, as you’ll be paying it off for years (and feel pretty stupid if the marriage doesn’t work out) maybe you want to go on excursion to the magistrate court in your locality to observe hearings on marital suits. But some would still think that the money is better spent on buying a house or setting up a business or it could even be some other sort of thoughts, my take; if you have the funds available, and you want to spend it on a big wedding, then that’s fair enough.


A large-scale wedding with all the trimmings will certainly be a memorable day. A hummer stretch SUV or a 2014 Range Rover, at least 3 beautiful attires  for the couple, the razzmatazz and a stunning venue will leave you with wonderful memories and stunning photos. Every bride wants to have an amazing day, and a big wedding will certainly make you feel really special. So if that’s what you´re looking for, then a big wedding might just be too perfect for you! 

5.    ONE OFF!

Since we all hope that we will only get married once, having a big wedding is something that you are unlikely to repeat. Second weddings, should they happen, are usually much more low-key. So when you get married for the first (and hopefully only) time, it’s an opportunity to pull out all the stops and really put on an amazing show. Remember I told you; you only have one life to live.


Your budget may dictate that you have to limit guest numbers, but if not, then a large wedding is a good opportunity to see relatives that you rarely get the chance to meet up with. You can invite all your distant relatives, friends and colleagues, and not worry about missing anyone out. What a great party it will be!

7.    GIFTS

Finally, the bigger the wedding, the larger the pile of gifts! This may be a rather shallow reason for having a large wedding, and they won’t be surprise gifts if you have a present list … oh, and you’ll probably spend more on inviting people that you’ll receive in gifts. Still, it’s one advantage of having a big wedding!


Everyone differs on their view of an ideal wedding. Some prefer a more intimate day, and others would prefer to just elope and avoid the stress of planning a wedding. Then there are those who want the traditional big wedding. Do whatever is right for you, and if you want and can afford a big day, then that’s your right.


You can send in pictures of you big Islamic weddings, we would have them up online for you so you never lose memories.


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