A Day of Music, Fashion, Fun and Glamour, The Peace Train Concert Beacons. An Interview with the Organiser, Khadijah Kuranga

1one4 magazine is interested in showcasing the best amongst us, and we were awed at the idea that a young lady and her enterprise are organising a high octane musical concert right here in Lagos, Nigeria. We speak to the lady behind the Peace Train Concert Khadijah Kuranga as she explains her mission and the purpose of the event. She tells 1one4 the preparations and all there is to know about the April, 2013 event. Enjoy!

Kindly introduce yourself: My name is Khadijah Kuranga. I am a graduate of Mass communication, a certified entrepreneur, a Goldman Sachs scholar, Fate Foundation and Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of Pan African University alumnus. I consider myself a box full of ideas, aimed at changing lives, be it personal, social or economic. I am an audio visual producer and a people lover. My specialities are in content provision and production for radio and television. I also create ideas and strategies for entrepreneurs. I currently manage Imani Media International and The Trojan Media Co.

What is the peace train concert about: The entertainment scene have been filled with secular events so much so that the Muslim audience due to their peculiar nature have been left with no events to attend. Most events are often not targeted at Muslims particularly because it’s either late night or the environment isn’t conducive, hence the neglect of this community. For the first time in Nigeria, comes the much awaited event, one of the many Peace Train Concerts. Peace Train brings together nasheed Artistes from the USA and South Africa and Nigeria. These artistes are most popular among the Muslim Community. In as much as we cannot but listen to local songs, Muslims are particular about the message inherent in songs they listen to, hence nasheeds. .

What do you aim to achieve with the Peace Train Concert:  We hope to provide avenue for the young Muslims to have the opportunity to know there are formidable alternatives to secular music. We want to build the confidence of the Muslim youth by exposing them to international nasheed artistes and the messages they carry. We also hope to provide opportunity for Muslims to have a social life within the limits of Islam and finally, to open up the nasheed music industry. Who are the internationals artistes billed to play We have the father of contemporary nasheed himself - Zain Bhikha from South Africa. The trio of Josua Salam, Abdul Malik and Naheem of Native Deen from the United States.

What of Nigerian artists: We have Nurudeen ibn Idris, Duo of The Crescent, Muhammed Abdullahi from Kaduna and  Abdul Azeez .

Aside music, are there other side attractions for attendees: Sure, I am just going to mention a few so we don’t let them all out. There would be a fashion show featuring Mid Kollections latest men’s wear, spoken words, and autograph session with the guest artistes and so much more.

How often do you intend holding this kind of concert: It’s our first time InshaAllah, we intend making it an annual event and likewise other Imani Media International events.

What is your take on women singing in concerts like these: Our performances are unlike the regular secular events where a woman dresses seductively and performs jumping up and down. The lyrics are usually spiritual and soul lifting, less performance are required. Fortunately, we do not have any lady performing.

What about use of musical instruments: I really don’t want to get into a controversial issue. Purpose and intention is what is important.

Are there plans to take the concert to other parts of Nigeria - Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan …. We are not sure yet, the US embassy is interested in taking Native Deen on tour to Abuja and possibly Kaduna but nothing has been firmed up yet. We are going to be having an evening with Zain Bhikha hosted by Mid Kollections in Abuja on April 14th Insha Allah.

Would a concert like this make economic sense considering disposable income among Nigerians: How many times do we take time off to relax, reflect and refresh? How many events do the average Muslims get to go to? We are Nigerians, we love life and live it to the fullest. N3000 is a fair price.

Are there collaborations, sponsorship and affiliations with other organisations in preparing for this event: Imani Media International is collaborating with every organisation that is ready to support us. 1one4 magazine is one of such, Mid Kollections and a couple more organisations we cannot mention just yet.

Does the Peace Train Concert support any charitable cause: Yes! Under Imani Media International, we have Imani Foundation, where we take care of women in need. We intend to formalize this. The charity is already taking care of widows, unskilled, abandoned wives and mothers.

What are the plans for security, welfare and other logistically problems Nigerian concerts are notorious for? We have taken care of everything necessary, the event is taking place at Unilag Main auditorium, it is definitely not a place where you will find hoodlums. More so, the audience is well defined. Ultimately Allah (SWT) is the best protector.

Where can we buy tickets: Tickets can be bought from www.peactrain.com.ng. It will also be sold at all Baytuzeenah stores and you can pay through the bank and register online after payment. We also have people in different associations selling tickets. For VIP tickets, you can call 08023546778. Account details are on our website: www.peacetrain.com.ng

What about residents outside Lagos: Right now we are focusing on Lagos and environs; Abeokuta, Ijebu areas and Ibadan. Since there are two shows, anyone coming would naturally plan to attend the morning show or the evening show. Jazakhalahu for the interview and May Allah (SWT) make the event a big success. Salaam alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu  

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