A Mosque Of Their Own: Women-Only Muslim Religious Center Opens In LA

The first all-female mosque has opened its doors in America, with up to 150 women coming from across the country not to miss the historical prayer lead by a female imam at a former synagogue that's now a multi-faith center in Los Angeles. Some women traveled to LA from as far as New Jersey, with a flight time of over 5 hours, to be a part of what many hail as a breakthrough. In traditional mosques, women pray separately from men, which as many complain, can distance them from the speaker. Some women also feel excluded for other reasons, such as male-only Quran studies. "I think that's important especially being in a younger generation, in America, to go to Friday prayers as just females and listening to female lead prayer versus going to jummah [the traditional Friday prayer] with a ton of other people and being a little segregated in between," Hina Warsi, who flew in for the special prayer to LA from Las Vegas, told Reuters.   For more, go to http://on.rt.com/17hovo

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