Ability in Disability

As-salaam alaykum waramatullah wabarakatuhu. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I would like to welcome you to ‘Motherhood Dilemma’. Here, we will be discussing about the different kinds of challenge that mothers, carers, and foster carers face while bringing up children.  We will be discussing about people with special needs within our families and communities.

Children with special needs face a lot of challenges especially in developing countries. The problem lies not only on what the government or institutions are able to provide but genuinely on what we as individuals are doing on personal grounds to help and assist the less able people within our different communities. I know most of us are fully consumed with putting food on the table and paying the bills. But lets ask ourselves; do we care to know of their existence and wellbeing? Do we fully accept them as members of our family or community? Do we respect and appreciate them? Is it only the mother of the disabled that bears the burden of bringing up such a child?

Some communities even see it as a taboo to have a disabled child and such families face gruel and tormenting consequences simply for no fault of theirs. Why do we just pity them and move on with our lives? Do you know that in total 499 gold medals, 503 silver and 516 bronze medals were worn during the Paralympics Games? Are you aware that David Weir, a wheel chair athlete, born with spinal cord disease now has an endorsement deal with Volkswagen?

The Paralympics has definitely inspired a generation. My question is: in what way has the Paralympics inspired you? Contributions are welcome from all members of the public most especially mothers, carers, friends and families of disabled children or special needs children and if you have any topic that you would like to suggest for discussion feel free to drop your comments/opinions.

Stay cool and blessed. Ma Salaam.

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