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1one4 Approach

We know your time is valuable; we dare not waste it. That is why our news/articles are short, precise, clear cut and in-depth.

We convey news and articles on pressing issues around the world that concerns Islam and Muslims. Young people deserve an information destination that offers quality coverage tailored to them while taking cognizance of their beliefs and values. It is time for Muslims to tell their own story from their own perspective. It is time to present a different Islam; the real Islam.

1one4 story

In 2009, a lady, by the name Hakeemat Adeleye thought there was an absence of a formidable voice to tell stories of ordinary Muslims and thus set out to regale the world of Muslims and Islam from a unique African perspective. What she started as her personal musings has turned to an information power house for all Muslims in Nigeria and around the world.

She got an inspiration to start an online magazine that tends to look at issues strictly using the teaching of the Qur’an, the life and ways of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) as a guide. Hence, 1one4 was born! 114 are the total chapters of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the most formidable knowledge and wisdom known to mankind and serves as an absolute guide for all Muslims. It remains the foremost book for education, information and inspiration.

With a solid team behind her, she believes that information and stories have the unique power to shape the world and to correct negative perspectives and stereotypes. Now with over 500 thousand of monthly unique visitors, 1one4 hopes to keep you informed and abreast with developments as it affects our everyday lives.

Meet the Team.

Hakemat Adeleye


With background in education and business, Hakeemat conceived the 1one4 idea and has been the visionary behind the entire project. She is a voracious reader and a prolific writer. She encourages finding one’s life purpose and anchoring it to the betterment of community and the society at large.

Hakemat Adeleye


Ridwan is a born scientist who has a burning desire to reflect and write on socio-economic issues. He is also a sport junkie and supports red wearing teams.

Hakemat Adeleye


Fu'ad writes in different forms, paying the most attention to copy, fiction and non-fiction writings. He loves to explore things in places and people. Where his wallet can't take him, he goes in books. He is a strong believer in finding the good in everyone.

Hakemat Adeleye


Ganiyat is a scientist who decided to pursue a career in journalism. She is now a writer, blogger and radio presenter.

Hakemat Adeleye


While writing is Fola's passion; creativity is his bread and butter. For him, simplicity is genius. Passionate about Islam, he also swims and loves watching Lionel Messi.