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Founded in March (2012) by Keem Harun-Adeleye, an entrepreneur and writer, 1one4 began as a project of passion.

It was a little blog where one can share information, rant when there is a need, and also connect with other Muslims of like mind. The aim was to find meaning to topical and modern day issues from a contemporary, informed, and opinionated point of view vis-a-vis the Qur’an.

Today, the website has grown into one of a kind. We create and curate the best content from around the web on Islam, the news, relationship, health, finance and fashion for the modern Muslim.

114 is the total chapters of the Qur’an. The Qur’an remains the most formidable knowledge and wisdom known to mankind and serves as an absolute guide for all Muslims. It remains the foremost book for education, information and inspiration.

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