Allah, In Your Love

When I had my head turned away from You
The famine in my soul, unquenched,
Remained with Your every bounty

There was a ripping of my soul
With my descent away from You
Like the Moon loses a part of itself
As it leaves its rightful place

The sweet Winds carried your name to my body
Falling upon my self made deaf ears

I was Ignorance
A hollow reed

I tried to stomp my connection
But my ever faithful soul
Escaped my treacherous body
And flew to Your keep
My every cell cried Your love

My heart was senseless
Without Your presence

Still, life reverberated in me
Held up by inescapable threads
That will always bind me to You

With Your infinite touch
My thirsty eyes drink sunrises, sunsets
Captured, enraptured by Your beauty

My smiles pay homage to Your greatness
My ears are ever alert
Seeking threads of Your praises
Spoken by Your lovers
Both Man and Nature

by Umara Saleem

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