Anger Management in the light of Quran and Sunnah

In religion Islam, Anger is the temptation of Shaytaan and also a root of all evils; it can weaken the person’s faith. According to the narration of Abu Hurairah (RA), a man said to the Prophet (PBUH), “Advise me.” He (SAW) replied, “Do not become angry”. The man repeated his request several times, and each time the Prophet (PBUH) told him, “Do not become angry.” (Bukhari)

When a person becomes angry and he acts upon it, he strengthens hatred among himself and the people around him. As a result of this behavior, people cut off ties with him. That person displeases Allah and chooses to walk away from the right path, for which he faces consequences until he seeks forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Anger is considered to be the most harmful and destructive act. Anger can destroy relationships, health, property, and livelihood. 

Allah (SWT) has advised us to suppress our anger in all situations, no matter how testing they are. Allah Almighty has mentioned this specifically in the Quran in these words: “Who spend [in the cause of Allah] during ease and hardship and who restrain anger and who pardon the people – and Allah loves the doers of good.” (Quran, 3:134)

An incident about controlling anger is mentioned in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when a man came to Him with the killer of his relative. Anas bin Malik said: “A man brought the killer of his relative to the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: ‘Pardon him,’ but the refused. He (PBUH) said: ‘Take the blood money,’ but he refused. He (SAW) said: ‘Go and kill him, but then you will be like him.’ Someone caught up with him and reminded him that the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said: ‘Go and kill him, but then you will be like him.’ So, he let him go.” (Ibn Majah)

Most people consider the act of taking revenge as bravery, which in fact comes from the strong feelings of bitterness and dislike towards another person. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has nullified all such thoughts and regarded anger as one`s weakness. “The strong man is not the one who can wrestle, but it is the one who can control himself when he is angry” (Bukhari). Controlling anger is a sign of righteousness. Allah Almighty promised paradise for a righteous person. So, let us suppress our anger and not speak anything which cannot be taken back. Allah (SWT) stated in the Holy Quran: “…Pardon and bear with them until Allah delivers His decision…” (Quran, 2:109)

The angry person loses self-control and could speak words of disbelief or curses, or the words of slander which would bring him the enmity and hatred of others. So, keeping silent is the solution that helps to avoid ugly situations. The Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “If any of you becomes angry, let him keep silent.” (Sahih Al-Jami)

Anger is a highly negative and unfruitful feeling that needs to be controlled by every believer in order to succeed both in this world and in the afterlife.

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