Anti-Islam Comments Cost UK Worker His Job

A Manchester council worker has been suspended from his job over anti-Islam comments on the Facebook, after the council saw them as breaching the employee code of conduct. “We expect the highest standards of conduct from our employees and view this matter extremely seriously,” a council spokesman was quoted by Manchester Evening News on Monday, January 26. “The employee concerned has been suspended pending investigation.” The problem erupted when Dave Balderstone, 46-year-old IT technician, replied to British National Party message with Islamophobic comment The BNP’s message was posted earlier this month in a statement on the background of a Union Jack that read: ‘Isn’t it weird that in Britain our flag offends so many people, yet our benefits don’t...’ Balderstone replied to the post with the message: ‘Kick Islam out of Britain - we need our country back.’ A member of the public contacted Manchester Evening News who expressed disgust. Afterwards, the Manchester Council bosses decided to suspend the employee. “Although we have not received a complaint from the member of the public who contacted the MEN, we are investigating this matter further under the council’s disciplinary procedure based on the information which the MEN has provided,” the council spokesman said. Among the ‘favorite quotes’ listed on his Facebook is the line: ‘Don’t slag anybody off until you know you will get away with it.’ Since being suspended from the council he has changed his job status on Facebook to ‘self-employed - bog cleaner’. The BNP, a far-right and whites-only political party, is notorious for attacks against immigrants and British Muslims. Same as English Defence League (EDL), far-right BNP plays the card of immigration to stoke sentiment against Muslims and immigrants. The BNP won its first county council seats and European Parliament seats in 2009, winning one council seat in both Lancashire and Leicestershire, and one European Parliament seat each in Yorkshire and the Humber and North West England. In March 2012, a study revealed that almost half of the BNP supporters thought "preparing for conflict between different groups is always or sometimes justifiable." Britain is home to an estimated Muslim minority of nearly two million. A Financial Times opinion poll showed that Britain is the most suspicious nation about Muslims. A poll of the Evening Standard found that a sizable section of London residents harbor negative opinions about Muslims. CREDIT:

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