Anti-Muslim Attacks Increases In Paris

By: Adegbolu Afolabi In the wake of Charlie Hebdo sage, about 26 mosques around France have been attacked with firebombs, gunfire. Pig head and grenades, Muslims are targeted with violence and largely the western media has scarcely reported this.


A report by France’s National Observatory against Islamophobia indicated that since last Wednesday, a total of 60 Islamophobic incidents have been recorded with countless minor encounters believed to have gone unreported. Amongst the incidents, a mosque in Le Mans was hit with four grenades and gun fire directed through one of its windows. Though Islamophobic incidents aren’t new, but there have been a marked increase in attack in the wake of the shooting at the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. But the disturbing fact (or not so disturbing anyway) is the almost total lack of interest by the western media. I guess it is safe to conclude they prefer the negativity towards Islam and Muslims respectively.

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