As Salam Alaekum Sisters:

I hope you had a spiritually rewarding Ramadan like I did and you remembered me in your duas. As you can imagine, I made loads of dua during the month of Ramadan about the \'man\' issue. Each time I woke up for Tahajjud  was a reminder to beg Allah to bring me the man who will bring joy to my eyes and lead me towards the path of jannah (a dua inspired by Quran 25:74). I prayed so much that I was (and still am) convinced that Allah would bring me a%20good man as my combined Eid and birthday present. I have learned that a key element of dua is faith that it has been accepted by Allah because even Allah says in Q13:14 that prayers without faith is like futile wandering of the mind.

I was armed with this faith when I drove into Masjid At Taqwa on Day 29 of Ramadan to finish the last 3 sections of the Quran. After accomplishing my primary mission, I decided to take my case to Almighty Allah again, I asked him not to let me continue spending my days and nights alone, I also chipped in the need for him to answer my parents’ duas because I know how worried they are about this issue since I am the only unmarried child they have (even my youngest sibling is married). My mother finishes every call with a prayer asking Allah to grant me a good husband and my dad keeps asking if I don’t have any ‘news’ for him, sigh!

I left the Masjid six hours later feeling on top of the world; I just knew my duas had been accepted. While still in the parking lot, I checked my phone to see if I had any new emails and saw that I had one from Yusuf! Remember the Nigerian doctor who disclosed his desire to practice polygamy early on? He wrote to inform me of his return from Umrah, I could not stop the excitement and overwhelming feeling that the timing of the email was a sign that Allah had answered the duas I just made. After a few minutes, I began to wonder why the sign had to be related to the one who wanted my heart to start skipping beats from day one because of I was fearing the arrival of the rival junior wife?  In any case, I replied him and we set a time to talk about his experience at Makkah.

He called the next day, and although we had not talked to each other for such a long time, we caught on like old friends; the conversation flowed so seamlessly that I did not realize we had spent over an hour talking to each other. He told me that he bought me a gift from Makkah and asked if we could meet up at the Masjid the following day so he could give it to me and I agreed.

It was raining as I drove to the Masjid and I began to fear that he may not show up but as if he knew what I was thinking right at that moment, he sent a text at the same time telling me he was already at the Masjid, again I got excited when I saw his text. But my excitement turned into nervousness as I pulled into the Masjid parking lot, I began to replay the conversation about polygamy in my head. You see, I am not against polygamy, after all it is not forbidden by Allah,  I just would rather not deal with it if I don’t have to, and for someone to make it a ‘condition’ of marriage when we had not even started our lives together just seemed cruel and selfish to me. Anyway, I hoped I’d see him and not feel any sort of emotions except gratitude for the gifts he had bought for me, which were so beautiful.

But I was so wrong. I had no idea that the next two hours were going to send me on a real roller coaster ride………

As – Salam Alaekum warahmatullah wabarakahtuhu

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