Perhaps someone said or implied something you dislike, or did something to negatively affect what you prefer to do. Your ego could be bruised, or your intelligence insulted. It can lead to frustration and anger. In effect, you feel actively grumpy and you bare your fangs of temper. You boil in fury which triggers a toxic mix of rage and wrath that remove a screw or two from your brain. Then you throw tantrums like a wet hen.

We all respond to annoying circumstances differently. Some of us can endure an annoying situation longer than some, while others would kill themselves over what you would rather shrug off.  It is cheap to get annoyed by people. You can pay to get pleased, getting angry often comes free. This is the same way it is easier to get people angry than to please them! We also get annoyed, not only at people, but with things, objects, situations, attitudes, environment, weather, and with ourselves!

Generally, there are inconsiderate, annoying people everywhere, although they are a minority. It is just that they seem like they’re following you everywhere you go: at work, on the road, market places, and at home! Could it be that we tend to focus on and remember the annoying people more than those who are nice to us?

Outside of work, or home, if anyone annoys you, you can walk away. If your taxi driver gets you angry, you can get off and take another cab – odds are you’ll never see him again. If the person sitting next to you in a public place is annoying, you can get up and leave. At work though, you’re not free to leave that easily. In most cases you’re more likely to want to stay and resolve the issue. What if it happens at home, as it does frequently? Would you leave, whine, shout, throw tantrum, or slap someone!?

If you are running late for an appointment and your car has a flat tyre. While rushing to change the tyre, you remember that someone borrowed your wheel spanner but did not return it! What would you feel? You spent a long time cooking and preparing to host your husband’s guests, only for your darling to call at the last minute that he has taken his guests to an Eatery! What could be more annoying?

Other points of bother, especially at home, is when your spouse is speaking with you and being too loud so the neighbours could hear, she asks too many questions, he is fond of wearing cheap perfumes that gives you headache, she uses thoughtless or harmful language around you, he sweat a lot and it smells, he keeps his smelly socks on the chair, he wipes his runny nose with your scarf (thinking you would not catch him!), she cook soups that taste like saw-dust, she fries eggs and you bite shells in it, or he makes tea for you and it tastes like battery acid!

An excellent strategy is to become less angry. If you can fix it so that it takes more to trigger your anger reflex, you will enjoy greater peace of mind and be freer to act decisively and constructively when you are treated badly anywhere. You will also be less affected by any petty annoyances. Life is too short to spend it boiling!

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