Books That Changed Their Lives

From the Holy Qur'an to Enjoy your life, ask Muslim youths to share the books that saved and changed their lives.  We thought we should learn about books that have made extraordinary impact in your life.

Adeyemi Maryam, Chartered Accountant
I think Reclaim your life by Yasmin Moghaheed changed my life and it helped me realize that all this time I had been chasing an illusion. This is the first book that I read and it felt 100% mine, written for me, at that age, not anyone else. And I love this quote from the book

“Don’t think for a moment that your heart is strong. The heart is a vulnerable fool; it turns more easily than you can turn your head, that’s why it’s called Qalb (that which turns). Protect it with layer upon layer with guards, and the only guard for it is the consistent remembrance of Allah”

Zofierah Isiaka, Medical Doctor
Rekindle your life by Muhammed-al -Arifi is a book I keep reading over and over again. It has helped me put so many things in perspective and the most important thing I learnt from the book is the use of the tongue. Now before I utter any statement I think it through. Also, I used to be very introverted and thought negatively about myself a lot – thinking I had no friends, people hated me, etc. But when I read this I made the big decision to go out and help people.  I’ve just completely changed and now I’m so much happier.  

Mustapha Adebola, Medical Consultant
The Muslim Character by Al Ghazali is a must read for every Muslim and non-Muslim. The book helped me realize that as Muslims and as a Human Being a good and near perfect character is a must. I haven’t seen the book in store for a while but I am getting a copy for all my friends.

Hajarah AbdulAzeez, Medical Student at LUTH
I think the book that changed my life was “Enjoy your Life” by Muhammed Al Arifi. . This book was an amazing read because it really showed me that having a good relationship with people is a must. This book helped me in many ways such as when I was having some relationship troubles with my friends I was able to handle it very well. It was a really hard struggle but this book helped me understand that I’m not alone and also gave me some tips on how to get used to dealing with people.

It also helped me during exam stress, family troubles, disorders, and many more issues that destabilize people and relationships. The reason why it “saved my life” is because it gave me hope and it made me understand things a lot better.

Lateefah Quadri, Student at University of Lagos
To be honest there hasn’t been a single book that “saved my life”, but there have been books that made me seek the help I need or made me see something different or most importantly help me embrace myself. I have depression and social anxiety and books are my escape from it but sometimes they are also my way of accepting and embracing it, and I think The Holy Qur'an has helped me a lot as it has not only changed my life but it help me save me from myself and I’m thankful for it.

Sidiqah Tunde-Lawal, Lawyer
The Exquisite Pearl (The home journey of Allah and the home of the hereafter) by Shaykh Abd al Rahman al saidi helped me a great deal in my spiritual journey. The book explains some of the main spiritual stations that the heart is required to embrace as part of its worship of Allah and it’s journeying to him.

Rasheedah Salami, Student at Reading College
From my Sisters Lips by Naima B, Robert helped me deal with the conflict in identity that I felt as a Muslim revert teenager. I have spent a lot of time questioning my faith and God. Some of the sister’s struggle to understand who they were was very familiar to me. Their pain was my pain, and the questions they asked were the ones I wanted answers to. It’s a book I returned to time and again, because I love reading about sisters who have embraced the faith despite having an atheist or disbelieving past.

Abdulqudus Oyeyemi, First year student of LASU
A book I’d recommend to anyone is “The Perks of being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. it is my favourite book after The Holy Qur'an. Because I’d never read anything that understands people so well, and how everyone is struggling through life in their own particular way. It puts things into perspective and shows not only how fast things can fall apart, but that they will get back together. It also taught me that if you wanted something, and worked hard enough, you can achieve anything.

I also now keep a daily diary since I read the book. I love it and recommend it to anyone.

Maryam Abdul Quadri, A student at Obafemi Awolowo University Ife
I don’t think I have a certain book that has “saved”” my life, the reason being in a sense, all books change me or shape me in various ways unique to the storyline and characters they present to me. Words wield power and there is always a message to take away; or at least, that’s what I have found. I do have books I return to whenever I am in need of comfort or familiarity though, so I would say these books ‘saved my life’, as they always manage to make me feel lighter, and happier if I had previously felt stressed or worried about something.

These books include “Don’t be sad, Enjoy your Life, Tales of Marital love” there are just too many of them.

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