Can I celebrate New Year as a Muslim?

Dear 1one4 Aunty


Salam Alaikum to the entire 1one4 team. I am in a bit of a dilemma and I would like you to weigh in on this.


A very lovely Muslim couple that lives in my estate just invited me for a special prayer session and some merriment at their residence tomorrow to usher in the New Year. While I am very happy to attend any prayer activity, I am wondering why Muslims will be celebrating the Gregorian New Year as opposed to the Islamic one.


I understand that it is a new business year and as a nation, we do not use the Islamic calendar but, I do not believe Muslims should celebrate and fix prayer sessions on this particular day. I have voiced my opinion to the couple and I expected for them to understand my point of view, but they seemed offended. Should I still show up at this prayer session or should I keep my distance? Thank you.


Umm Taofiqoh


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