Cerebral Cells Of Hell (Living Your Life)

When the proud lion is kept in captivity, the fierce leopard is denied access to the wild and the dash of a sprinter cheetah is restricted with wired fences: their wild natures are distorted, their feral instincts are thwarted.

Don’t these animals deserve to be in the wild where nature intends them to be? Consider also, a bird in a cage. The bird calls out longing to be allowed to fly, and grieving that it cannot flutter freely in the open air.

Humans and animals feel the same suffering and similar misery when caged in confinements. Such could be said of people who are trapped in jobs that are not progressive, tied to friends that are bad influences and confined to environments that are not conducive for growth.

In such cages also, are men and women trapped in their marriages; neither able to go out, nor pleased to stay in. They do not find joy in their marriages anymore: they can see love and affection everywhere else, but have to face the opposites in their own home.

They are trapped in a relationship that is leaving them drained and angry. They seek to escape from the trap, but it is too complicated. More complicated are the couples involved in such relationships where one partner is a prisoner, and the other is a jailer. To outsiders, it is a cherished romance with care and protection, but to the prisoner, it is a joyless existence in the cell of an inconsiderate, wicked spouse.

In similar cages also are people who are not jailed by anyone or anything, but they are self-imprisoned. They have caged themselves into tight corners of lethargy and complacency, locked up within their comfort zones. They exist as if their brains have been stopped from thinking. When the mind is closed and the heart is constricted, myopia sets in and the jailed one settles for a miserable life of ignorance and lack of progress. Is there any other confinement worse than the shackles of the brain?

As for those who are tired of their confinements, thus craving freedom from their miserable existence like animals in a cage, they should start the struggle from their minds. They need to remove their mental chains, shake off the shackles, and scale the walls. Then venture, reach out, seek help, read wide, find meaning, then discover, recover, and allow themselves to be freely enthralled by the view of a good life from a height of knowledge, meant only for those who have the courage to free themselves from all forms of cerebral cells of hell.


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