Davido: Missing Nigerian elections is not my fault!

As so many Nigerians were out trying to make a statement by trooping out in their millions to vote in new leaders or in some cases retaining the existing ones. There were sayings around that the elites which arguably most of the artists in Nigeria fall into don't even care about what is going on and as such they rarely partake in the voting process, but the only places where they are seen is at campaign grounds where obviously they would be paid for being there. Nigerian rapper, David Adedeji Adeleke AKA Davido was also one of those who cared less about the political yearnings of the country and decided to stay away from the polls.                                                      

Nigerian rapper Davido defended his decision for missing his country’s general elections that were taking place on Saturday. He was inKenya for a one-off show hosted at the Carnivore Grounds.

Asked about being criticised about missing the elections he smirked and said “First of all the Nigerian elections were supposed to be on February 14 and I was booked for the show last year. What was I to do? As an artiste it all comes down to business, I gave my word I would be here on this day. They moved the elections. That is not my fault,” he said.

The Aye hitmaker was non-committal when asked to give an insight into the intricacies of Nigerian politics, he said “I know nothing about Nigerian politics”.

Davido has been branded “unpatriotic” for missing the elections together with other Nigerian bigwigs like P-Square and Flavour. The two were headlining the Dance Afrique concert in London.

Anyhow, the visiting artiste was upbeat about graduating from Babcock University in June 7.

“I’m inviting all of you for my graduation on June 7, then on June 8 I launch my album. I have worked hard for this degree, day in day out. If I am in China today and I have exams tomorrow, I better get to school tomorrow or else everything is a bust. I have worked on this degree for like six years now. Before I became famous I was in school so I had to take a break. But about two years ago, I went back to school.”

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