Dear God

Dear God- I am listening to the song 'salami salami' by the Nigerian nasheed artist, Muhammad Abdulahi, and from somewhere in the deepest part of my heart I am praying to Allah (SWT) for everything I have ever wanted in life and the hereafter. This song is so calming and soothes my frame of mind at the moment. I couldn’t have chosen a better song in the midst of my chaotic lifestyle. There is something surreal about putting one’s absolute trust in Allah and believing that only He can do it. When you’ve led a quiet, faith based life, something keeps reassuring that no adversity is insurmountable. No problem is without solution. No challenge is without respite. Good things, they say, come to those who wait. Better things come to those who think & act, but, the best things come to those who pray, believe, think & act. So, today I pray to Allah to make me a virtuous woman. It is said that “A woman who has endured the most unusual life is someone of wisdom, someone who has been chosen by God to go through things that have made her stronger”. I pray for strength and wisdom and to make me a good Muslim and be able to spread the message of Islam to humanity.  

My life- O Allah! Thank you for all that I am. Thank you for all you’ve done. You have certainly changed my life, my thoughts, my perspectives and definitely me. I need knowledge, your love and guidance. I want to be the best and I need the best in this dunya and the akhira. I pray for the best in health, career, relationships and immeasurable happiness. I pray for financial security, and the ability to live my passion. I pray for protection, for longetivity, for purposeful and meaningful life.    

My family- Sometimes, when we are bare, when we’ve got nothing, when we have lost so much hope, when life becomes difficult and almost unbearable, the only regular feature at this point is one’s family. They sure last the distance. I personally draw a lot of strength from love and loyalty of my family members. Indeed I wouldn’t be half of who I am today without my wonderful family around me. No family is perfect, we argue, we fight, we abuse each other, we sometimes even stop talking to one another, but we come around, make up and continue together. Always! I love my family and I pray for Allah’s absolute love and blessings on each and every relative of mine.

My spouse- I pray that we are each other’s best friends; I pray for effective communication and genuine, undying love each other. I pray we understand each other’s love language. We all certainly have these differing languages. I cherish quality time being spent together and someone to share all the details with, I pray for him to listen with genuine affection. I pray we grow old and grey together, with profound interest in one another. I pray for love that is dear, deep and sincere till the end of our time.

My children- I pray for kids that would be healthy, pious, disciplined and successful in life and the hereafter. I pray for kids to snuggle up in bed with and read good books together. I pray for kids that would pray beside me and be good ambassadors of Islam. I pray that wherever my achievement ends life, my children’s achievements starts from there.  

My friends- I am not particularly good at making and keeping friends. I really do not do well with them. The ones that I’ve kept in the past have been somewhat toxic, so my guard has been up lately. But, I understand the value of friendship, so O Allah, I pray for friends that would be beneficial to me and mine. Someone to be a shoulder to cry on, someone to help when there is need, someone to be my sounding board. I need good friends to process my myriad of thoughts through. A friend that is true and loves me for me, a friend that is constructive and objective in her criticism of me. Dear God, give me loyal and dedicated friends. A friend to keep me grounded, a friend who is practical and sounds the truth in the way I need to hear it. Everyone needs this kind of friend.

My career- Dear God, a lot of people spend their lifetime finding their niche. Alhamdulilahi, with you by my side, I found mine. I found what I love to do, I found what I am good at and I found what I believe in. Please put barakah in my entire endeavour. I also pray for more knowledge and ability to impact with what I do. I pray to be loved, honored and respected. I pray to excel brilliantly and be genius.  I pray for my effort to be recognizable and handsomely rewarded. I pray for all round blessing.

My business- O Allah! Give me wings so that I can fly. I want to soar and conquer. One of the most respected people in the world are those that have grown something from nothing and done it with integrity O Allah give me the courage, the intellectual sagacity and uncommon wisdom to manage man and the processes involved in managing a business. Give me ideas that would make the world a better place, give me insight into the future and the knowledge of creating it. Let my produce be accepted and adopted by all.
The Muslim Ummah-  Indeed, life is worthless if there is a constant fear of war. If you do not even have a roof over your head, if you are undergoing a kind of repression, if you have become a humanitarian case or become a refugee in your own land or other places. When there is hunger, poverty, disease, Islam becomes even difficult to practice in these extremes. I pray for peace and serenity to you wherever you are from Syria to Sudan. I pray for calmness of the hearts. I pray for genuine understanding of the tenets of Islam.  I also pray for leaders with genuine interest in the progress of Muslims and Islam. I pray for ability to practice Islam meaningfully and purposefully wherever they are. 
Where do I even begin with this country Nigeria? Definitely the bane of Nigeria’s problem is nothing but bad leadership. Nigeria has everything to be at par with the world super powers, we are unfortunately still labeled undeveloped. Today, I pray for prosperity of this nation. We have prayed for this for so long, but I know nothing is impossible. We need good people at the helm of affairs in Nigeria, visionary leaders, we need an end to corruption, we need infrastructure, a working nation, and jobs for our youth, growth, sustainable development, good education, excellent healthcare. We need everything that makes life meaningful and progressive. Dear Allah, we need adequate security, peace, unity and oneness. At the end of the day, we are all one human race and all looking for principally similar things. Bless us adequately and handsomely.

The world- I pray for a world where there is dignity to every single human life. I want a world that there is justice, fairness, equity, freedom. O Allah, I pray for a world where no one is treated differently as a result of race, nationality, ethnicity, creed, or religion. I pray for progress of the human race and I pray for peace and stability of all Muslims around the world. AMINAYAALLAHU. I have prayed and I believe Allah (SWT) will answer all of my prayers including the forgotten ones. Salaam alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu.  

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