I watched The Apprentice with Donald Trump as host firing several contestants and hiring one at the end of the show. What I saw then was an astute business man that understood business practices and the ability to add real value and turn an enterprise to an empire. Since then, I bought the DVDs and watched the seasons back to back. From that reality TV Show and its UK version with Sir Alan Sugar; I learnt a lot about the art and science of entrepreneurship; having big, airy and audacious goals, crafting bold vision and mission statements, designing winning products, sampling opinion of focus groups, planning advertisements, promotion/marketing, crafting succinct taglines, making sales target and surpassing projections, doing feasibility studies in locating a business, paying attention to every singular detail possible, and giving back to society. Donald Trump was the Business man of Business men (or so I thought), so when he threw in the hat and decided to contest in one of the biggest shows on earth, I paid more than a passing interest, until he started opening his mouth…


Who Exactly Is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is a real estate builder who has gotten involved in a lot outside of real estate like the TV show "The Apprentice" and Republican politics. He is also infamous for his hair, which may be fake; his ego, which is boundless and his multiple wives. He has been married three times and divorced twice. Donald Trump is the world's foremost expert at promoting the name and brand "Donald Trump". 

He has been extraordinarily successful at making a large portion of the public believe he is an important person with important things to say and important lessons to teach.  He promotes the glamour and success of the Trump name and brand so successfully that large numbers of people are unaware of, or choose to overlook, the fact that his business career, which includes four bankruptcies, is built almost entirely on image rather than substance.  He has parlayed his manufactured image of glamour and success into writing books and hosting television shows with business success themes, which of course are primarily aimed at continuing to promote the name, Trump.

He has involved himself as a gadfly candidate/non-candidate in Republican Party politics on multiple occasions, and again in the 2016 election cycle. What was thought to mostly intended to promote the Trump brand has taken a more serious dimension.


How Wealthy Is Donald Trump?

The money-making enterprise behind it all is in the business of high-end real estate development. This includes luxury apartment buildings (Trump Tower in Manhattan), hotels (Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC), resorts (Trump International Waikiki Beach), golf courses (Trump National Doral in Miami) and casinos (Trump International in Las Vegas). Despite multiple failures, he has always managed to insulate his personal wealth from the business risk enough to survive with his fortune and reputation more or less intact.

Donald Trump estimates his net worth at $10 billion. But in June 2014, in a brief financial statement, he claimed to be worth $8 billion. Trump’s financial disclosures reveal two things; first, his financial holdings are complex and, therefore, prone to fluctuation, depending on how the numbers are calculated. Second, most major news outlets, agree he is a billionaire but closer to $2 billion or $4 billion. Therefore, the $10 billion figure Trump uses in stump speeches is likely an exaggeration.  


Where Is his support Base

The small town and rural America. His support base are to a great extent religious Christians - not fundamentalist, but definitely believers. They fear and despise militant Islam and it is an issue on which they need to hear about - and base their vote upon. The left-behind America is angry, and it is this anger that Donald Trump is channeling. He tells this audience exactly what they need to hear, in terms that they understand.  He will bring back the jobs from China, he will bomb radical Islam to smithereens. He will eject all illegal immigrants and will make America great again.

He is certainly a populist, he gives a loud and disturbing voice to the sentiments of many Americans and addresses their anger. Donald Trump does not worry about political correctness.

It seems in a multicultural America, there is a little place left for the God-abiding, law-respecting, family-loving, hard-working individual that used to be called the common man and it's now called a bigot, racist, homophobic. Who speaks for these guys among today's presidential candidates? You have one guess.

What Donald Trump Said About Muslims

Ban Muslims until we "figure out what's going on"

“All Muslims are Terrorists”

The United States with a huge population resource, a democratic system that has been largely stable for more than 220 years, a strong culture of innovation and creativity, top rated institutions, a tradition of entrepreneurship that has kept her at the cutting edge of technology for over 120 years, a large mostly habitable landmass, large amount of natural resources and no major domestic threat. The US is a melting pot of different cultures from all over the world. I really admire the American spirit of independence, self-reliance and pride in work and country.

Muslims certainly do constitute a large chunk of the populace and contribute to the American economy and greatness. While a sizable number are born outside of America, a higher percentage were born and bred in America and are Muslims. They work and toil in healthcare, in technology, commerce, are professors in renowned institutions and are peaceful, law abiding, everyday citizens.

Permit me some hubris here, but if the good old USA portrays itself as some example of a truly democratic society to which others aspire, then people like Donald Trump should not be speaking for any one in America. The shunning or exclusion of people based on a faith, tradition is a dreadful assault on the values which are the foundation of American society.

Donald Trump is not going to get that job back. He is only playing to the anger of the average American and parochial political culture. Donald Trump does not have the capacity to determine who is Muslim or not. Donald Trump does not have the intention or the power to fix what he promises. I have not seen a comprehensive policy document on education, the economy, social welfare from Trump. It has mostly been hate speeches, bullying and saying a whole lot of gibberish. This is the country of immigrants that has continually thrived on immigration and prides itself in its multi-faith, multi-culturalism and tolerance. Donald Trump should not be contesting in American elections, especially for the highest office, the supposed highest office in the world. This is not how to make America great. This madness has to stop.

Donald John Trump – YOU ARE FIRED!


Keem Harun-Adeleye


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