'Extremism Has Distorted Image Of Muslims'

By: Abdul Hannan Tago   “Extremism has tarnished Islam and the image of Muslims around the world,” said a top official at the King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue (KACND), underlining the importance of dialogue in communities. Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, KACND chairman and member of the Council of Senior Ulema, made his observation at the Abha forum on Thursday as part of the nationwide dialogue on extremism and its effects on national unity. He said KACND seeks to get from these meetings various points of view to determine the root cause of extremism and ways of overcoming the challenge. Al-Mutlaq urged the participants to promote the culture of dialogue and spirit of moderation to confront the phenomenon of extremism. The Abha meeting was attended by various representatives of the community, including scholars, academics and media representatives. Fahd Al-Sultan, KANCD deputy secretary general, read out the resolutions. Participants reaffirmed that extremism in Saudi society has manifested itself in religious, sports and social affairs and stressed the need for a comprehensive approach to deal with the risk to the individual and society. CREDIT: www.arabnews.com

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