Kamilah Olumoh in this post decides to explore how one outfit can be classy and say different things with the use of accessories. 

Our individual abilities to express ourselves in different ways is what makes us unique and i think makes the world of fashion so interesting. We see new things all the time that get us thinking "wow, i wouldn't have thought to put that and that together". You know that "look" you've been wanting to try for quite a while now but not so sure if it would "fit" you or how people would look at you, now is the time to try it out (New hairstyle? Hijab style? Even a new piercing maybe, if you extra adventurous)!! I'm the kind of person who doesn't rest if I have something on my mind, its almost compulsive sometimes and is kind of annoying actually lol. I would urge you to "do you!!" and let loose, explore, try something new and be happy. Even if you don't like how it ends up looking, at least you tried, right?

I decided to have a shoot showing how one outfit can say different things with the use of accessories. Our choice of accessories could either dress us up or down. The shoot is inspired by a masquerade ball I attended in February to which I wore one of these dresses. It was for Human Appeal International. A charity organisation dedicated to helping around the world.

I got my friend and blogger Sosa (@heyitsosa) to join me for this shoot (do check out her blog, Modemesee, its amazing). For this look I made the necklace even louder by adding this flower brooch I had from an old dress. I quite liked the contrast between the black and the pearls.

For this second look I turned the burgundy belt from the first look into a tie and added a cotton burgundy scarf.

Here I have on a cream scarf covered in tiny pearls to compliment the necklace

What look is your favourite? Leave your comments here or on her Instagram: @iridiumbykay


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