Five Types Of People To Avoid On Social Media



Put a hundred people in a room and you are sure to find different characteristics among them. With about 12million Nigerians connected to the one social network or the other, it’s impossible not to find people you'd wish you'd never met. Here is a list of five types of people to avoid when you log on to social media.

Bigots: They are fun when it’s not you or your beliefs that they attack. They aren't very intelligent people generally, but they love to be heard and make huge effort to spew their bile. It’s they against every other person phenomenon and they are always angry at the slightest provocation. They can't tolerate any other person position as long as it’s against theirs. As individuals they are nobody, but they believe that since they belong to a certain group, they are special.

Fanatics: Fanatics are very similar to bigots, but fanatics hold-on to extreme views about ideas or beliefs. You have a better chance of fetching water in a basket successfully than convincing a fanatic of other ideas. They take their love for a thing, person, idea or belief to incredulously extreme length. They are blind to reason, often rejecting common sense, and they resort to any means to prove themselves. They have a 10/10 chance to drive you livid.

Plain Haters: They don't really have anything to gain in seeing you upset, but they will try to hurt you. It’s all fun and games to them. They always hate, which is usually because they envy you and your status or position in life. They want everything that you have, and want to be like you but will attack you and all you represent without as much as a provocation. These people are negative and would insult and hate to get attention.

Cyber Bullies: They are like hyenas, they can't really handle a dirty fight but they will trash talk. You only need to give them half a reason and they come out with their fangs to scratch you. They are in it for fun and popularity, and they don't care one bit about your feelings. They wouldn't mind a very dirty fight and are always quick to insult your parents. They have market women blood in their veins and are often proud of it. They are usually only this aggressive on the internet, many don't have a life outside the internet.

Internet egotist
: They have a false illusion of grandeur and for some reason, they think their lives are better than everyone else. They usually have one quality that deceives them into thinking they are immortal. Could be beauty or wealth or some other vain quality. They always seek validation from people and sometimes feel the need to step on others to feel good about themselves.

That's said, one person can possess 2 or more of this characters. Best thing to do to all these people is to ignore them, drown their noise and live your life. For the persistent ones, you can block, mute or unfollow the person and have your peace, after all, they aren't paying for your data plan. 

Salam alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatu.

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