Ganiyah Kareem - Casual Saturday for the Sisters

Have you an outing with your girlfriends? Going to the cinema or hanging out with family or colleagues this Saturday and looking for what to wear and still portray yourself a Muslim sister? Look no further; there are t-shirts for sisters now at T-shirts can be worn anywhere any day depending on the occasion and the accessories you combine it with. Who says you cannot wear a jacket or bolero on these nice Islamic themed tees to make it look classy and fabulous with your hijab. I am sure your reaction to the above combination is wow! That is one of the amazing ways you can combine 1one4 tees and make it your your own. I bet everyone that passes by would stop to look at a second look. Nothing like a proud Muslim and wearing it around. It is no news that chiffon pleated high waist skirt is in vogue now. You can wear your ‘with difficulty comes ease’ t-shirt with any type of skirt and even on trouser. Who could look more beautiful than a fashionable Muslimah? Above is another mode of combining your t-shirts and trouser with accessories. Wedge is in vogue now and a Pashmina scarf that could be tied, wrapped or used in form of a scarf.Ma Salam.

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