Gateways Of Goodness In Ramadan - 2

1 Reciting Thikr (remembrance of Allah (SWT)) after Fajr prayer until sunrise. The Prophet (PBUH), said: \"Whoever performs Fajr prayer in congregation, then stays remembering Allah till the sun rises, then performs two Rak‘ahs, will have the reward of Hajj and ‘Umrah in full.\"*[At-Tirmithi] 2 Performing Friday prayers regularly. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"The five daily prayers, and from one Friday prayer to the (next) Friday prayer, and from Ramadan to Ramadan are expiations for the sins committed in between (their intervals), provided major sins are not committed.\" [Muslim] 3 Seeking the hour in which%20supplications are answered on Friday. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"There is a time on Friday during which a Muslim, while he (or she) is performing prayer and is supplicating, will be granted whatever he (or she) is supplicating for.\'\' [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim] 4 Reading Surat Al-Kahf. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"A Muslim who reads Surat Al-Kahf on Friday, a light will shine for him between this Friday and the next one.\"[An-Nasaa’i and Al-Haakim] 5 Giving charity frequently. \"Charity extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire.\" *[At-Tirmithi] 6 The best charity is that of the poor. The Prophet (PBUH)%3Cbr>was asked: \"What is the best charity?\" and he said: \"The best charity is that which is given by a poor man, and start giving charity to those under your care.\"[Abu Daawood, Ibn Khuzaymah, and Al-Haakim] 7 Giving charity in secret. \"Doing favors helps in saving from evil deaths, secret charity puts out the anger of the Lord, and maintaining kinship ties increases one\'s lifespan.\" [At-Tabaraani] 8 Obeying and being dutiful to parents. The Prophet (PBUH)\"He is a loser, he is a loser, he is a loser.\" It was said, \"O Messenger of Allah (SWT), who is he?” He replied: \"He who lives until his parents reach old age, either one or both of them, and misses the chance to enter Paradise (because of being dutiful to them).\" [Muslim] 9 Supplicating for parents. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"Allah (SWT) raises the degree of the righteous slave in Paradise, and as a result he asks, \'O my Lord, where did I get this from?\' Allah will Say, \'This is because of your son\'s asking forgiveness for you.\'\" [Ahmad] 10 Dutifulness to one\'s maternal uncles and aunts. The Prophet (PBUH) \"The maternal aunt is like the mother in position.\" [Al-Bukhaari] 11 Saying kind words. The Prophet (PBUH)\"Save yourself from Hell even by giving half a date in charity, and if you do not find that, then by saying a kind word.\" [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim] 12 Fulfilling people\'s needs. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"A man who goes to fulfill [the Muslim\'s] need, (then he pointed with his finger), it will be better for him than making I‘tikaaf (staying in seclusion) in this Masjid of mine for two months.” [Al-Haakim] 13 Visiting the sick. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"A man who visits an ailing person will attain the fruits of Paradise.\"[Muslim] 14 Maintaining kinship ties. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"Kinship ties are hanging on the Throne, saying, \'whoever keeps ties with me, Allah (SWT) will keep good connection with him; and whoever severs ties with me, Allah will sever connection with him.\'\" [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim] 15 Making Muslims happy. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"Whoever meets his Muslim brother with what he likes seeking to make him happy with it, Allah will make him happy on the Day of Resurrection.\" [At-Tabaraani] 16 Making life easy for people in straitened circumstances. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"A person who makes things easy for an insolvent person, Allah (SWT) will make things easy for him in this life and in the Hereafter.\" [Muslim] 17 Showing compassion and mercy to the weak. The Prophet said: \"Allah (SWT)will be Merciful with those who show mercy to others. Show mercy to those on earth, and The One in Heaven will show mercy to you.\" [Abu Daawood and At-Tirmithi] 18 Reconciling people. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"Shall I not inform you of something more excellent in degree than fasting, prayer and alms giving?\" The people replied, \"Yes, O Messenger of Allah.\" The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"It is reconciling people.\" [Abu Daawood and At-Tirmithi] 19 Forbearance, forgiveness, and suppressing anger. Allah (SWT) Says (what means): {And who restrain anger and who pardon the people - and Allah (SWT) loves the doers of good.}[Quran 3:134] The Prophet (PBUH) said to Al-Ashajj ibn ‘Abd Al-Qays: \"You have two qualities that Allah (SWT) loves: forbearance and patience.\" [Muslim] 20 Shaking hands with love and a pure soul. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"No two Muslims meet and shake hands with one another but Allah (SWT) will forgive them before they leave.\" *[Abu Daawood and At-Tirmithi: Hasan] 21 A smiling face. The Prophet (PBUH) \"Smiling at your brother is charity.\" 22 Lowering one’s gaze from what Allah (SWT) The Almighty forbade. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"The unlawful look is one of the poisonous arrows of Satan, and whoever abstains from it out of fear from Allah (SWT) will find its sweetness in his heart.\" [At-Tabaraani] 23 Enjoining good and forbidding evil. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"Whoever sees evil let him change it by his hand; if he is unable, let him change it by his tongue; and if he is unable, let him abhor it in his heart and this is the weakest level of faith.\" [Muslim] 24 Sitting with righteous and good people. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"No<br%3epeople sit="" to="" mention="" allah="" (swt)="" the="" almighty="" but="" angels="" will="" circle="" them,="" mercy="" shower="" tranquility="" descend="" upon="" and="" them="" among="" those="" with="" him.\"="" [muslim]<br=""> 25 Preserving one\'s tongue and private parts. The Prophet (PBUH) said: \"Whoever gives me a guarantee to safeguard what is between his jaws and what is between his legs (his tongue and private parts), I shall guarantee him Paradise.\"* [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]

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