Going the Extra Mile

November 1, does that date mean anything to anyone? Birthday, anniversary, losing a loved one? Employment or promotion date? The day a business was founded? Well, in the USA, November 1 of every year is the extra mile day. A day to celebrate individuals and organisations that go the extra mile in order to make a difference and lift up others in their community.  It is the day that commitment to going the extra mile in personal effort, volunteerism, service, a day to acknowledge and thank those around us who go the extra mile for us in daily lives. Americans celebrate across cities and states, honour and recognize individuals that make extraordinary efforts to help the most vulnerable – the sick, old, homeless and poor.

We certainly do not have that communal spirit in Nigeria, each family is responsible for its sick and old and when there are no families to care, they are usually left to their devices on the streets. The bane of this write-up is going the extra mile for one personal self, before even contemplating service to others.

While the average Nigerians has that die hard, hustle spirit, there is a lot of despair and hopelessness and so many have resigned to faith and fate. Even with the relentless spirit, I believe sometimes it is misplaced energy, our actions are somewhat guided by instant gratification, make it quick; not actions for a greater purpose, not work that endures, or is different, or innovative, something that stands one out. Success and relevance is only attainable when one outperform others, when we go that extra mile to achieve.

It is said that the extra mile is a vast unpopulated wasteland that everyone talks about but few people go there. You may not be too educated, experienced, well-funded, well-connected, and talented; but you can always out think, out work, out hustle and outperform your contemporaries. And doing it with focus, determination and consistently is a sure way to achieving in life and consequently in the hereafter.

While a lot of us are searching for the basics in life, it does not stop of from studying harder, working harder and smarter, under promising and over delivering in business and most of all, making a difference and bettering ourselves, our families, the community or society while still maintaining ones integrity. A Muslim should be a blessing to his/her generation. If you are a student, it means shining and excelling in class, if you are a worker, it means being dedicated, diligence, not making lousy promises, doing whatever is needful to succeed as a person and contribute to organizational success meaningfully and if you are business owner, aside out thinking and out-hustling the competition, having that business model that rewards result and performance. The success that lasts is patient.

As a Muslim, going the extra mile means:

1.  1.Constantly digging deep and finding meaning in life. 

2.  2. Seeking knowledge widely and gainfully 

3.  3. Be a polymath. You must know a lot about different things

4. 4. Create, invent, start a cause or, at least, lend yourself to something meaningful and worthwhile. Remember, this does not have to be about money, just for the greater good

5. 5.  Face your fear and do something extraordinary every day

6. 6.   Have the habit of helping others. Put a smile on someone’s face every day

7. 7. Hustle and constantly seek to outperform without compromising your values

8.  8.  Do the extra work, go the extra mile and break that extra sweat8.


Verily the hour is coming……for every soul will receive its reward by the measure of its endeavour. Q20v15.


In all of this, be principled, fair and upright and always go that extra mile. ALWAYS!



Keem Harun-Adeleye

Founder, 1one4.com

[email protected]



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