Good Girl Gone Bad

Dear 1one4 Aunty,

I have very great concerns for my friend - Hameedah. We are both from very good Muslim homes, but ever since we gained admission and settled into university, I see her in the company of the most notorious girls on campus. These are 'aristo girls' club babes, party freaks and what not. She has even gradually dropped her hijab.

People say it's got nothing to do with me but I totally disagree. I don't think it is when she has HIV, get pregnant, or used for ritual purposes before I say something. I know her parents and family well and I am so sure that this isn't what they want for any of their kids. I think she has bowed to peer pressure and it is my opinion that someone has to stop her. She is a normal girl at home and the parents are oblivious of what is going on.

Please, how do I go about this without looking nosy and without losing her friendship?


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