We will give You thanks and declare Your praise for our lives that are committed into Your hands, for our souls that are entrusted to You…..
                             – The Amidah prayer

For this feeling of appreciation and fulfillment, I am thankful.
For my existence and the breathe of life my soul feels,
For clean air to breathe, the soft breeze and skin to feel the afternoon heat,
For eyes to see the beautiful hills, admire even more beautiful colors of life,
And legs and music to dance in the rain with,
For the trees that protect us and birds that sing and signal break and end of each day,
For glorious Victories and somber defeats,
For friends and family,
Heartfelt Laughter and deep sighs,
For a house where happiness sits and dwells,
For recognizing the greatness of the Almighty,
For sins forgiven and new blessings,
The road and the loneliness that surrounds it,
For talents inborn and learnt,
Strengths and weaknesses,
For a working brain and beating heart,
For good food and water,
Books and stories,
For these and infinity.

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