Hadiths about the Prevailing Signs of the Age of Fitnah

Fitnah includes the things which are not accepted in religion Islam and are worldly. A person is more likely to fall under its trap but a true Muslim never will. Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated in His hadith about the ending time of life on earth as “Fitnah” in these words: “As Doomsday approaches, fitnah will increase. It will resemble the increase in darkness as night begins. Many who leave their homes in the morning as Muslims will return home as disbelievers in the evening. While they are Muslims in the evening, they will lose their faith during the night. During such times, staying at home is better than being involved in fitnah. Those who stay aloof are better than those who attack and lead in front. On that day, break your arrows! Leave your weapons! Address everybody with a smiling face and sweet words!” (Abu Dawood)
Fitnah is the time which is full of tests and examinations for the believers whether they remain resolute in these strict times of apparently looking desolation or they join the enemies of Allah (SWT) and His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in fighting against the religion Islam.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so much care about His people that He (PBUH) gave the message to all to get ready for the time of trials and tribulations in the future that is the time of Fitnah. Some of the major signs of the age of that Fitnah that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told His companions about the age of Fitnah are described below in hadiths:
Construction of the taller buildings is the sign of Fitnah as stated in hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “Till the People Compete with one another in Constructing High Buildings!” (Bukhari)
Music is strictly prohibited in religion Islam but it is the sign of Fitnah that Music can easily be heard from every home. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated in hadith: “Music and Musical Instruments will be found in every home.” (Tirmidhi)
Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned in hadith towards the present era in which Muslims all over the world are divided on the basis of religious sects by forgetting the Message of Allah Almighty and His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Holy Prophet (SAW) said in one of His hadith:
“Trials will Divide the Nation (into sects) and Safety will be in adhering to the AlJamaa’ah.” (Ibn Majah)
Recent earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornadoes have been shaking the entire world and this is happening more frequently now in the present time. About this sign of the age of Fitnah Holy Prophet (SAW) mentioned in hadith: “Sinking (swallowing) of the Earth, frequent Earth Quakes, flying of Stones with Severe Winds.” (Tirmidhi)
Nowadays people start quarreling over pity stuff mainly by ill use of the tongue, which ultimately leads to fighting physically. This has been regarded by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the time of Fitnah for Muslims as they are required to make peace among one another. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) stated in His hadith: “Impact of the Tongue is harsher than the Impact of the Sword (when people dispute over petty issues).” (Abu Dawood)
Nowadays men treat their mothers like maid and wife is being treated like a queen. Disobedience of parents has become a common thing in the present era. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said about this sign of the age of Fitnah in these words: “When Man obeys his Wife but disobeys his Mother.” (Tirmidhi)
The sign of Fitnah is when Muslims will no longer care to talk about their own matters in high pitched voices and this is what happens nowadays. The raising of voices in mosques is one of the signs of Fitnah about which Holy Prophet (SAW) mentioned in hadith: “When Voices are raised in the Masjids.” (Tirmidhi)
The above mentioned are some of the prevailing signs of the age of Fitnah (Trial) for Muslims that can be observed in the present day and age. May Allah Almighty give us all the true Guidance to become successful believers through these times of testing and tribulations! Ameen

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