Happy to Not be Me

  By Samina Farooq, Co-Founder of ayeina.com


Quotes, ads, songs, and movies

Since forever have taught me

I am best just the way I was

Myself is what I can only be


It drowned me into arrogance and pride

I wore my flaws as a brooch over my vanity

I thought no part of me needs to change

To the point I even questioned my sanity


They all sounded nice, but never true

Parts of me are still chunks of somebody else

They deceived me by saying I was purely me

While feeding me how I should act or dress


Did I choose the right somebody?

Or did I just blindly follow?

I searched all the wrong places

And picked the wrong pieces to wallow


It might be easy to be myself,

But it’s better to be that somebody else

What a perfect world, it would be

Trying to be like Muhammad (pbuh) and none else


So I declare today, don’t be you

Be different, but let yourself be ‘he’

Because If he is that somebody else

I’m so happy to not be me


Credit: ayeina.com

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