Hero, Shero or Zero?

Sometimes we wonder about life; what the grand purpose of life is. Who we are. Why we were created. What difference one could make. How do we make the world a better place. That brings me to the question - What are you doing with yourself? Have you found your strength? Finding your strength and embracing them gives one a purpose in life. They are strong for a reason. The intelligent and wise person is he/she who studies himself and then fulfills that purpose for which he/she is created. Inherent in everyone is a gift, a higher purpose, a chance to make a difference. Remember, value isn’t measured by title or position but by what someone is made of and how they choose to use it. What difference are you making? What you do in this dunya determines your akhira. Are you worshiping Allah (SWT) dutifully? How are you contributing to Islam? To the society? How charitable are you?


And I do not mean donating peanuts; you could be charitable with your time, knowledge and good old money. You could be volunteering. Success is not having a big, fast car or a plush house with lush gardens. Success is helping others to grow or develop. Success is having a life that has Allah’s approval. Success is attainment in Allah. As a Muslim, you do not have to be like everyone else. Be ambitious, write down your goals, and consume knowledge. Changing your future means action. Stand for something. Things only happen when you do something. Most people sit back and let life happen to them. Show initiative, be innovative and start something today.  Focus on what your idea is, what you are going to do and how it is going to be successful.


Being a Muslim means being beautiful (or handsome) daring, ambitious the future is out there waiting for you to take it. Remember you are all the Quran some people will ever read. I do not mean this in just appearance, but more importantly in character, principles, values and thought processes. Have a voice and use it, be positive and active. Life is short, so make it count. You can be anything you want to be in this world, you can even create your own job, but, whatever you decide to do you should aspire to be positively different, to do things that are unexpected. Today’s currency is innovating, what have you created? What have you invented? How have you solved human problems? How are you standing out? How is your presence felt? Be a hero (or shero), it could be in your house, on your street, at work, your community, within the ummah or in the world; remember it is not by the number of degrees you have. How you are able to transform that intelligence and degrees into practical solutions for our nation, for Islam is what really matters in the grand scheme of things.


Whose hero/shero are you? Or are you content with being zero? Nothing? Your preoccupation should not be on just the next meal, the next bill. See your ideas to fruition. Make a difference. Make the world a better place, be an ambassador for Islam. I pray Allah (SWT) makes us live meaningful and impactful lives and be occupants of the akhira. Salam aleykum waramatulahi wabarakatu.

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