Water continues to remain very important to your health. it is considered as one of the major nutrient needed by the body.  The body loses fluid continuously from sweat, urine, breathing, and stool;  replacing these losses daily is essential for good health. When the amount of water output is more than your water intake, you can become dehydrated. Water is healthy, calorie-free, fat-free and sugar-free. It can replace several, unhealthy sugar-sweetened beverages. Some people, however, complain that drinking water is boring. This can be made interesting. To your drinkable water, you can add different fruits and vegetables to make it taste better. This is how you make your HOMEMADE FLAVOURED WATER!

You can add lemon, watermelon, grape fruit, lime, orange, cucumber, pineapple, berries, fresh ginger root, basil, mint leaves to your drinking water. There are several other fruits and veggies that can be added. The choice is yours! You may slice or chop the fruits and crush the leaves and roots to get the best flavor out of them. Add the fruits and veggies of your choice to a glass of water and let it get chill for some hours (you may drink the water immediately). However, the longer fruits and veggies steep, the more flavor you will get. Get creative and try it. Combine different fruits and veggies to get varieties of flavor. It is inexpensive and can be prepared right there in your kitchen with less stress.  Drink for a healthy you!   

Hafsah Babatunde

Hafsah Babatunde is a nutritionist, writer, poet, blogger and a social entrepreneur. She values good health and loves to share healthy tips for healthy living. With a passion for the pen, she believes ideas can be shared to make a difference and to create positive impact on many lives.

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