Humble Prayer

O ALLAH help me to say words of truth in the face of the mighty, and to refrain from speaking ill in order to gain the applause of the weak. And do not let me accuse my adversaries of treachery because their opinions oppose mine

O ALLAH should you give me wealth; do not take away my happiness. And should you give me might, do not take away my wisdom, and should you give me success do not take away my humility, and should you give me modesty do not take away my sense of dignity

O ALLAH teach me to love others as I love myself, and teach me to judge myself as I judge others, and teach me that forgiveness is one of the greatest step towards strength

O ALLAH do not curse me with arrogance should I be successful, and neither with despair and hopelessness should I fail.

O ALLAH remind me always that failure is the trial that precedes success. Should you take away my wealth, Do let me keep my hopefulness. And should I fail, do let me keep the power of determination, And should you take away the blessing of good health do let me keep the blessing of faith..

O ALLAH should I have harmed others give me the courage to apologize. And should others harm me, do bless me with the courage to forgive...And should I forget you

Ya ALLAH I beg that you should not exclude me from your compassion and clemency. For you are the Greatest, the Vanquisher, the All-powerful on all things. (Amin Yarabi)

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