I am now a baby mama!

As Salam Alaekum, I knew I had to get a vacation ticket as soon as the month of April started, I was just so stressed out! The first three months of the year felt like 30 months. The combination of the cold weather and increased work load just knocked me out. And flying up and down the US crossing different time zones also added to the wahala. Thanks to the frequent flyer miles I had racked up, I did not have to pay more than $150 for a ticket to Nairobi and I also got 7 nights free at the best hotel in town. Yes oh, I chose Kenya not Nigeria because I needed to rest and not get bugged by the constant reminders of my single status. It was my first time in Kenya so I really didn't know what to expect. I tried not to pay attention to all the negative information on the Internet. After all Africa gets nothing but bad press from the western media. I am so glad I went with an open mind because I had such a wonderful and relaxing vacation. The locals were nice and friendly, weather was beautiful and the food was great.  I was so sad when I began packing my bags last Sunday, my mind flashed back to my Washington DC life of work, air planes and trains, and I honestly wished I could just leave it all and stay on vacation forever. Who was I fooling? Until that rich husband shows up, I am going to need this job to maintain my life style. Sigh! So I embraced my reality and boarded a British Airways flight to London for onward connection to Washington DC. And it was while waiting in London that the strangest thing happened! This little boy freed himself from the hands of the man holding him and ran towards me screaming "mama". I was so sure he was running towards someone else, obviously his mother who must have been standing behind me until he flung his cute arms around me and gave me the best hug anyone has ever got in this lifetime. Although I was so shocked and confused, I hugged him back, how couldn't I? The man who had been holding his hands walked up and apologized to me, he tried to pull the cutie pie away but he just wouldn't let go of me. "Leave him, I am guessing I look like his mom", I said while laughing. He stammered as he replied - "I am so sorry, his mom, emmm my my wife is not here". Traveling on an airplane alone with a toddler, now that’s one brave man! We were soon joined by an older lady, she was obviously the toddler's grandmother, I could see some resemblance. She spoke to the man and his son in Yoruba, but with an Oyo accent and I excitedly told them I was also Yoruba. The young man introduced everyone – Idris, the toddler was his (Abu-Bakr’s) 2 year old, and the older lady was his mother, they are Yoruba but from Sierra Leone! Abu-Bakr seemed really eager to get his son, who was still clinging to me away so they could go about their business. I told him his son wasn't bothering me at all and I still had over an hour before my DC bound flight was scheduled to board. His mother happily announced that they were also flying to DC.  As I played with Idris, I wondered aloud where his mother was and why she couldn't take the trip with them and Abu-Bakr responded rather dryly - "she died shortly after she gave birth to him". I wished the ground would open up and swallow me, why didn’t I keep my big mouth shut? I was so embarrassed. But how then did this kid who did not know his mother think I look like her? Hmmmm……….

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