Dear 1one4 Aunty,

I met a girl on twitter few months back. It took us a while to get going but we did. We started sharing our religious views. She is a Christian from a Muslim background (her dad is a Muslim and her mum a Christian).

During this period, she asked me a lot of questions about Islam and I did my best to give her reasonable answers. After a while, I invited her to an Islamic event and she honoured it. That gave me the impression that I could actually revert her to Islam. We exchanged lots of phone calls and chatted at every given opportunity on social media. Sometimes, she would call me to remind me of Salaat. Eventually, we decided to see each other again; only this time, it was no Islamic gathering.

It was 1:15pm when my phone rang. I heard a voice “I am outside your gate”. I rushed downstairs like the comic hero, ‘flash’. I walked towards the red cab anxiously and just as I was about reaching it, I saw the back door opened. I walked like I was on slow motion, watched her slam the car door, turned to me with a smile and said “Salam Aleykum”. She looked quite beautiful. This time, there was no veil, no ‘all covered up’ attire. I quickly paid the cab man and led her to my apartment. We talked a lot when we got in but they weren’t religious. And then the bad thing happened.

 After that day, there was a gap between us. The calls weren’t as frequent as it used to be. And the few times I managed to call, she coincidentally was always in the church. Last two weeks, she called me and told me she was pregnant. I almost fainted like I didn’t know what I had done. Presently, her family is putting pressure on mine for marriage. I really don’t think I want to get married to her for several reasons. Of course, the most obvious is her choice of religion. I am in the highest stage of confusion. I surely cannot tell her to abort because that would mean more sin on me. Please advise me, what should I do?



 Picture Source: National Geographic Foto

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