I'll Pay Every HIV-Positive South African N0.84m to Wear a Tatoo - - Zuma

CONFIRMED HIV positive South Africans that volunteer to be marked near their genital area with a tatoo depicting their status, will in addition to free counselling and medication. be paid an equivalent of N840, 000 (50 000 Rands) each, according to a bill newly signed by President Jacob Zuma.

The bill, according to a report by Radio City, a local South African radio station, is widely regarded as one of the greatest steps in the history of combating the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the country which has the highest HIV prevalence in Africa.

Zuma who is reported to to have volunteered to be the first South African citizen to get hisHIV status tatted near his genitals, however announced that only the first 10 million people (who already tested positive) to volunteer to have their HIV statuses tatted on their genitals would be given the money in form of a funeral expense voucher.

After signing the bill, Zuma was quoted as saying: "The mark is to protect those who can't say no to sex. I mean if you can't read between the lines you should read between the legs because that's where the status would be tatted.

Credit: AllAfrica 

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