Assalaam alaykum waramotullahi wabarakatuh.

Dear Muslim Parents,

Islam is a beautiful religion which teaches us how to live a successful life in this world and earn a beautiful place in the hereafter. Education is the main key to a successful life and it should not be taken with levity. Hence, it is important for parents to ensure children have a good Islamic education as early as their Nursery classes.

Why do parents believe western education is sufficient for their children? Education in totality should encompass the physical, moral, spiritual & academic excellence of children. Of what value is academic education that lacks moral & spiritual development?

I have been an educator for about 17 years and I can attest to it that Muslim children that have Islamic education are more exposed to their religion and tend to benefit from what they learned. This is because they are exposed early to the core fundamentals of Islam. This informed my decision in ensuring that my children have Islamic education.

Union of Crayons: Totality
Please enroll your children in Islamic schools where they will learn about the ethics and values of their religion, understand and imbibe the teachings of Islam and be proud of their religion so these children will grow to become role models and ambassadors of Islam. A good Islamic school will teach these subjects: Hifzhilul Quran, Hadith, Arabic studies, Azkar, Tajweed, Nasheed, Tawheed, Khattu, etc. All these make up the Islamic studies subject, but the lessons will be intensive and richly delivered in an Islamic school.

Can you imagine the joy that fills my heart when I hear my children recite the Qur’an surahs they have memorized, as young as they are! Also, for every letter they read, they earn reward from Allah subuhana wata’ala! Furthermore, the parents will also earn rewards for facilitating the knowledge of the children.

I have often heard some Muslim parents especially mothers complaining about Islamic schools standard and most times prefer enrolling their kids in non-Islamic schools. It is understandable to want the best for our kids without compromising standard but I would like to explain from the school’s perspective. The non-Islamic schools were founded before the Islamic school and they ‘ve had time to grow and learn from various mistakes. I would like to encourage parents to take a chance on Muslim schools by paying necessary tuition needed to acquire skilled teachers, get active in the PTA and always give feedback whenever necessary. With Allah’s mercy, these schools would keep improving and meet up with the highest standard.

A necessity to growth.
If there are no Muslim schools in your vicinity or standards are too low for your taste, the other option is to enroll your ward in neutral school where religion boundaries are respected and sign them up for after-school madrasah or get Muslim alfa to help with the key fundamentals. Please be watchful whenever there is one on one interaction with a child. Parents should also endeavor to be good role models because kids tend to learn more from observations and experiences. I would also encourage parents to do their due diligence in instilling morals and Islamic teaching in their kids.

My dear parents, let us train our children in the light of Islam. Let this be your thought. Islamic Education: No Compromise.. May Allah guide us aright, imbibe us with His wisdom and make our children joy of our hearts and pride of Islam, aameen.

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