Just imagine today is your last day
You have few more hours in life to play
To say goodbye to friends and family
To ask for forgiveness and make amends  

Did you miss your prayers?
Did you please Allah and did all He requires?
Did you complete your rakats?
Did you pay your zakat?  

Just imagine soon you will be gone
No more second chances
No time to see another dawn
Very little time to get good deeds done  

Just imagine you know the angels are going to come
They will take your soul and ask you what you’ve done
And all your life you’ve cried of depression
Claiming at 30, you don’t have your mansion  

Just imagine your parent that you didn’t obey
Just imagine hungry beggars that you turned away
Just imagine betting and alcohol were your leisure
Money making was your only pleasure  

Just imagine Allah’s command you never obeyed
Five times a day, you never prayed
Drinking, partying around town and feeling cool
Not knowing you were the real fool  

Just imagine yourself after you pass away
Alone in the grave through night and day
Imagine those tears that your family cried
But it’s only your body that was tied  

What sum will your life amount
On the day you are called to account
Think for a moment all the deeds you mount
And imagine how much they will count  

You and I know when it’s time for you to die
You will not be given a second chance to say goodbye
So, live your life like it’s your last
Pray, give, love and on the day you will smile last.  

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