KNOWLEDGE BUILDER COURSE 53: Achieving Marital Harmony

As-Salaam Alaykum Wa RahmatuLlaah Wa Barakatuh
Lifestyle choices, the pressures of work, the physical environment, social stress and other such factors are all railing so hard against the family unit that it is a wonder that most marriages get beyond the first few months. Worldwide, statistics show that solid, lasting family units are getting scarcer still. The divorce rate is higher now than it ever was – many countries seek to make divorce easier and more people divorce first before seeking to reconcile their differences.
More painful yet is the fact that homes in Muslim communities share in the general rot. The common attitude is for us to blame everything and everybody but ourselves. However, if we looked closer, we would see what we had contributed to bring this situation about. The family unit is the basic block of any sound society. Its failure should worry us, as this is the seed of the failure of society.
For more on how to ACHIEVE MARITAL HARMONY in our relationship, please make it a date with us at the coming KBC scheduled to hold as follows:
*Theme: Achieving Marital Harmony
*Date: 03-06 April, 2015
*Venue: Lagos State Secretariat Central Mosque Multi-Purpose Hall, Alausa, Ikeja.
*Time: 9.00 am – Asr Daily
*Fee: N2,000 only
Pay/register via 
*Pay to our Zenith Bank Account No 10101677815
*Pay at our Office @ Plot 8, Impressive Close, Off L. J. Dosunmu, CBD, Agidingbi, Lagos.
NB: You may be part of the planning by sending areas of concern to your matrimony to:
• [email protected] (mail)
• 234903 600 9999 (WhatsApp)
May Allah grant us Sakeenah (tranquility) in our marriages. May HE also preserve our lives beyond April upon goodness, start planning to be there with family members and friends, it promises to be very interesting In Shaa Allah.

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