Laurat Ogunjobi: Promoting Islamic Images Via Social Media

With the recent Ebola plague that has hit Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, and all the negative publicity that is out there about Islam, a group of young Liberian Muslims were inspired to start a social media challenge to recite a surah from the Qur'an. The objective; to pray for the countries affected by Ebola, and start something positive and inspiring. So far its working and creating a wave of responses. The challenges are impressive. Some of the reciters are well versed in the Qur'an, and some are not. Women, youngsters and men have participated. It’s definitely good publicity for Islam, and I encourage you to join the efforts. I participated too. With my non Arabic tongue, and elementary understanding of the alphabet, it was epic, but surely not for admiration. If you heard it, you would believe me. Positive Images for Islam can help your future/akhira Our image as Muslims is in a state of great trial. The religion is inundated with various fanatics, disgruntled regimes and power mongers. Unfortunately, those who are ignorant of what Islam means aren’t well versed at weeding out who is who and what is acceptable according to shariah. I challenge all serious Muslims to increase the heat of positive images and good character, especially on social media, which connects the world. We are the ambassadors of what we believe in, and what better way than to utilize social media? Self discipline and challenges We’re humans, and are faced with the challenges of our own character flaws. The difference between you and anyone else is in your righteous understanding of life, and the deeds that follow. If you were opportuned with knowledge that can advance our current state of affairs, you have the responsibility to utilize it, and utilize it properly. If you’re still unsure, keep studying and seeking for Islamic knowledge. Let’s not fail to realize that we are all accountable for the image that we project, and the people who are affected by it. It’s high time to work towards the moral advancement of society through our actions. This is the heart of your destiny as a Muslim - to uphold the moral compass. The call This is a call to encourage more involvement to positive social media. If this requires sacrifice, then make it. Whatever it takes to spread positivity, spread it. Whether by creating videos of you reciting Al Qur'an, displaying Islamic content on your social media pages, volunteering your time to someone in need in the community or whatever you can do to counteract the bad publicity and image of Islam. And yes, make sure your niyyah is for Allah's (SWT) sake. Salam. Laurat Ogunjobi is a Barcelona based business consultant

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