Love Yourself the Halal Way

          By Samina Farooq

I’m not calculated by the weighing scale

I am not my skin shade

I can’t be measured with an inches tape

I am not the money I make

My worth is not in the number of likesj

My value is not in the praises I get

I am so much more and beyond

Within servitude of Allah, my rank is set


The obstacles in my life make me stop and think. I’m not worth what I’m told. I’m not worth the way I’m dealt…. I’m worth so much more! I am a servant! A servant of The Greatest! A servant of Who created me in the best of stature. 


Loving yourself outside worldly measurements in a day of social media where each move and each sight is constantly gauged, is HARD. You can’t fully love yourself when there’s always a definition of perfection out there that doesn’t match you or your life. Hence, it’s a constant fight you are in – within. 


As a mother, this hits you the most. Because you tend to completely neglect yourself most of the times. Emotionally and physically. Putting everyone above but yourself. Prioritizing everyone and everything but yourself.


But they say it right! You can’t fill a glass from an empty vessel. 


So treat yo’self. Go to the spa. Take out time for yourself. If that isn’t an option for you, then open spa in a box at home. But put yourself forward. 

 This Halal Goodies box (filled with natural products) is your spa in a box each month. It’s the physical version of the phrase: TREAT YO’SELF!


It came as a reminder at the right time. Your body has a right on you! Usually, you ignore buying such things because you think you are too busy to use them but receiving the box made me realize that I need to take out moments from my day to use them. Finding time won’t ever work. The time is NOW.


The box targets all of your senses. The sense of sight (with an art print designed by us and not to mention the beautiful packaging), the sense of smell (with an aromatic candle (and literally everything)), the sense of taste (with a yummy chocolate) and the sense of touch (with everything from handmade soaps to body butter, from cleanser to organic creams, from hair/hand wash to a lip balm).


It’s also accompanied by a SISTERS magazine for an imaan-boost (to work on your inner beauty) and a beautiful reminder from the Qur’an:


“We have certainly created man in the best of stature.” [95:4]

 The description says:


“With society fitting you into a single standard of beauty, we want you to feel loved no matter how you’re created because you’re a creation of the Perfect One. You’re worth so much more than what meets the eye. You’re a flower that blooms. You’re a beauty that progresses through nurturing. You’re you and that is what’s beautiful about you, and our art is a reflection of that.”


Loving yourself or taking care of yourself does not translate as narcissism. It means taking care of the amanah Allah gave you. Your body never leaves you alone. Yet you are guilty of all the ways you abandon it. 


You are Allah’s amanah. So take care of your soul, but also take care of the container where this soul resides.