Mama is in town!!!!

You see, I made a new life resolution to enjoy my life and set big goals. I realized that I have been limiting As Salam Alaekum, I feel like it's being ages since I wrote to you thanks to this new busy me! I have been traveling up and down, not only for work but also for my dreams because of the fear of failure. It dawned on me that my "failure" to get a good man to settle down with was beginning to affect other aspects of my life and goals, but that's over now Alhamdulillah. So I have decided to shake things up a bit, I am now dreaming big and it's paying off, hence the "busy-ness". Now, I will make sure that my thankful and ambitious mind drowns out the scared and nervous one. It’s on! The new me broke new grounds in January. The first goal I set was to run in my first long distance race, so I signed up for a 10 Kilometers raise at the popular Dubai marathon on January 25th. I was quite nervous when the day came because I had never run outdoors and even my training on the treadmill was limited to 5 Kilometers. What was I thinking? But then I made a silent dua and zoned my mind to the fact that this is part of the new me. Alhamdulillah I completed the race in 73 minutes and got a medal to show for it. I felt so proud of myself. My experience at Dubai marathon was honestly what I needed to fully get into that new zone because I have been setting big goals and feeling quite empowered since then. My next goal is to get out more. I am not planning to go all "haraam" and sell my Deen just to find a man, but I think I need to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. Perhaps, I might find me a good man in the process. Wish me luck! Not like I have plenty choices really, my mother arrived from Nigeria two weeks ago and she is already complaining about the fact that, me a single girl, does not have any social life. Did I say she has been complaining? Scratch that please! Replace it with, she has been venting and lamenting! She has been here all of 14 days and I think she must have told me like 1400 times that I am her second oldest child but the only unmarried and childless one. She wonders if the man is going to come out of the laptop I am always hugging day and night, laughs! Come to think of it, my phone and laptop could qualify as my spouse at this time since I spend more time with them than anyone or anything else, sigh! When I told her to stop pressuring me, she changed tactics and turned each morning's Fajr prayers to my cringing time! This is when she now "prays" about my single status since she has figured it out that I can't complain about dua. May Allah accept it all, Amin. I am scared that the level of lamenting and venting is about to go up a notch with the 3 baby showers our halaqa plans to organize next month. I can just imagine her sad face at the showers or what she may say if they ask her to make dua at any of the events. Can I just hide under a rock already??? Please make dua for me! Can the man just come already? Niyah

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