Managing Life Perceptions

Perception, simply put, is the way you see or understand something (or in this case, a situation).

Let’s say you are walking on the road and you happen to step on a piece of gum, it can be pretty annoying right.  Rather than get all pissed and hurl insult, you can change your perception and think in a new direction, like;

 ‘Oh, poor person, his gum probably fell from his mouth, I wish I could meet him so I could get him a new gum.’

 See, don’t you feel better already, and you didn’t even step on any gum. So no insults, no anger, just pure kindness and love.

Well, to be honest, that’s a very lousy example, but I think you get the point. When stuff happen to us, it’s easy to just get angry/enraged/sad etc. we have a choice of how to react (for some people, it’s not a choice, they pretty much explode), and in a moment of rushed decision it’s possible to create a bigger problem.

Many times, we let something from our past hold us down, or it could be things currently happening to us. Well, I read a story of a man who had about 8 terminal illnesses (no jokes). One of which is a really painful illness, yet this guy is very jovial. He also experiences seizures, when he was talking about his seizures he made mention of the fact that he could have a seizure while having sex or climbing a staircase and I am thinking to myself like hell nah, how the hell does he still find humor in life.

Second story is a child that has a very rare medical condition. They call children like him butterfly children because the illness makes their skin so brittle and sensitive that they live everyday with skin sores and more. They call them butterfly children because their skin is said to be as sensitive as a butterfly’s wings. So no swimming, no play, basically it ‘should’ be an almost empty childhood. Even when he is sleeping, he says he still feels pain, any friction causes blisters on his skin (it takes him almost 3hours to go through the daily bathing routine), and eating could cause blisters inside his throat. WOW. Yet this kid remains positive about life, dares to dream and shows more courage and maturity than you and I. You can check out the documentary here, but hold your handkerchief close by.

Finally, here’s a story I got off Quora:. 
Two men happened to meet, when admitted in the same hospital room. One of them had his bed beside the window sill and thus could see the world outside. The other one was next to the wall and could see nothing except the four walls that made the room. This one used to ask the other, near the window, what he could see outside. 
He was always overwhelmingly happy to answer and would say ‘There’s a garden down there with beautiful flowers, a small pond with swans. You could see little kids spilling out of their homes, Men selling chats, pakodas" and his description goes on. 
Their conversation about that lovely world continued for days until when one fine morning. The man who saw the world got discharged. After bidding good bye to his fellow friend, he asked the nurse to shift him to the bed near the window. 
With wide open eyes he looked out to see the lovely world, but astonishingly there was just a huge compound wall outside. No Park, no pond, no kids...!!!! 
Curiously he asked the nurse, what had happened to the park outside which his friend had seen till yesterday. The nurse replied ‘you mean the one who just got discharged! He was a blind man’  

Beauty lies in one's heart not eyes. The world is all about how you take it not how it comes to you.

Don’t forget, you owe it to yourself to be in the best mood you can always!

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