Mohammed T. Azizat: Time; Verily Man is at Loss

My Dreams ended abruptly as soon as I heard the call to prayers at dawn. I jumped off the bed and hurried to the mosque. Something was different about today and I could feel it. While we sat outside for ablution (physical purification for prayers), everyone was magnificently dressed in white, which contrasted beautifully against the darkness of dawn. As we stood shoulder to shoulder and feet to feet for the commencement of prayers that morning, I could feel my spirit lifted so high so that even after the prayers were concluded, I just could not leave the masjid (mosque). I sat there reciting my Qurán in the sweetest monotone I could%0A muster until I felt tears trickling down my face. During my walk back home, I kept pondering on all the blessings and mercies that Allah had bestowed upon me and I felt warm at heart. All through the day, I tried to be a source of blessing to others; giving alms to the poor and making charitable donations to the sick at the hospital. I prayed at the stipulated times, praying for the forgiveness of my past, direction for my future, gratitude for the present and salvation of my soul. I prayed each prayer as if it were my last, conducting my prostrations and supplications with utmost patience and reflection and I felt truly different at the end of the day as I laid down to sleep calling upon Allah’s Name with a paradoxical mixture of fear and calm. My dreams ended abruptly as soon as I heard the call to prayers at dawn. I tried to scurry off the bed but could not get up, then I realised that my dreams had truly ended and this was reality; I was blind and crippled by a rude, unfortunate accident that had robbed life from me. I used to crave nothing more than music, movies, fashion shows... the socialite dictates of our time. I treated myself all the time to the latest music and movies and I purchased the newest models of every musical electronic gadget, until those trips I made to the musical store became my trademark. Every other night, I would lie on my bed, fantasizing on how to travel abroad for “greener pastures” and negligence characterised my Salat (Prayers). I enjoyed attending all those Saturday night club parties and musical shows and I spent every other past time chatting on irrelevant issues through electronic mails. It was during one of my Saturday routine trips that an unfortunate accident occurred, leaving me in my present pathetic dejected condition, where I now lay helpless and hopeless all through the day. Those whom I had selfishly denied my love are now caring for me. Now all I do in my world of total darkness is dream; ugly nightmares, beautiful reflections, such as the one I had today and pray to dream again the dreams I would never live.

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