You took the mold,
En-stench-ed, en-trenched,

And then manipulated,
Brain-washed, brain-dumped,
Making the me, new,
Old residue, new,
Same-ly visible, new,

How miraculous is your hand,
How fantastic your plan,

Speechless and breathless I stand,
Awed at the majesty of your span,

Ah, you've outsmarted the smarts in me,
Outrun the runner in me,
Outdone all that I am,
Revealing the sight of your hand,

And I submit, whole-heartedly,
Gills and wings, pipedreams and all,

Near-sighted that I am,
Hear-say and time-blighted that I can, Be

And with all that I am,
I bow down to your call, awed

Forever, Amen.

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