Monday Morning Motivation (2 Ramadan, 1435)

Understand that two very important days in life are the days you were born and the day you figure out why you were born Have a voice and use it, also inspire others to find theirs Remember, evil triumphs when good (wo)men keep quiet Strive to learn new things, the (wo)man who stopped learning just stopped breathing Be decent at a lot and exceptional at something A genius lies in everybody Be a student of life Know that today’s currency is knowledge (information), innovating, excelling and thriving You will not achieve except you strive Do not allow limiting factors, limiting ideas, defeatist attitude a place in your life Raise the bar and aspire to greatness, a pious Muslim has only one place and that is the top The ultimate guide remains the 1one4 chapters of the Qur'an and the sunnah of Rasulillah Keep giving, keep praying and keep fasting sincerely Live, love, leave a legacy and don’t forget to smile, It is charity. Salaam Alaikum Waramatulahi Wabarakatu Hakeemat Founder/Editor in Chief 08069282550 [email protected]

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