Monday Morning Motivation (25 Shaban, 1435)

Take note that sincere worship is everyday we wake up Devotion also includes your character, values and principles Remember, you are the only Qur'an some people will ever read Make the 1one4 chapters of the Qur'an and the sunnah of Rasulilahi your life mantra You do not have to be like everyone else Always be your authentic Muslim self, no one is better Also, most people sit back and let life happen to them Things only happen when you do something Be ambitious Write down your goals Show initiative, start something positive Network with people that inspire greatness in you. I wish you Allah’s love, laughter, joy and happiness today and always. Salaam Alaikun Waramatulahi Wabarakatu. Hakeemat Founder/Editor in Chief [email protected] 08069282550

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