Monday Morning Motivation (27 Thul-Qedah, 1435)

Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters This is just a quick reminder of our being here on earth We are here to worship Allah, and Allah (SWT) alone Confidence is knowing that there is someone greater than one self No one is an accident The fact that you are here matters The fact that you are Muslim matters It is the ultimate gift Being Muslim is not bombing, killing, violence or unrest Being Muslim means making an impact in the society A positive impact Leaving the society better than we met it Being Muslim means being worthy, being respected, being someone of value Get your mind to focus on the possibilities in life, the opportunities, people and situations Most limitations in life are self imposed Everyone can be part of the change we want to see Always make peace not war In all of these, remember to say Alhamdulilahi There is always something to be grateful for Wish you all a wonderful, fruitful week ahead, filled with Allah’s rahma. Salaam. Hakeemat Editor in Chief [email protected] 08069282550

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